Softest Washcloths / Facecloths for Sensitive Skin

Fairface™ Washcloths were voted as a TOP PICK from beauty editor Emily Ferber at Into The Gloss! Made for sensitive skin, but loved by all, the soothing properties of Fairface™ Washcloths make them a must-have for any skin care routine.

Soothing, skin-calming fabrics offer relief from further irritation and redness that the harsh textures of regular washcloths can cause. Whether you suffer from red, dry, irritated skin, Eczema, Acne, Rosacea, Dermatitis, or other sensitive skin conditions, Fairface Washcloths™ can offer you gentle, soothing relief.

Only the finest and softest 100% cotton face-friendly fabrics are used to create a soothing and gentle wash, & no harsh textures. Fairface™ Washcloths come in convenient packages of 2 and are affordable for any budget. Experience the pleasure of happy skin with Fairface Washcloths™!

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Caring for Sensitive Skin this winter

A few simple tips to keep your sensitive skin glowing and healthy this winter!

Gentle Cleansing

The ultra softness of Fairface Washcloths™ + a gentle soap-free, fragrance-free facial cleanser help to keep sensitive skin healthy and reduce redness, inflammation and irritation. Instead of strong scented shower gels, try Baby Wash for an extra mild cleansing that won't dry out your skin.

Turn Down the Tap

A hot shower may sound tempting after coming in from frigid temperatures, but keep in mind the hotter the water, the more drying it is to your skin.  By turning down the tap to warm instead of hot, you can still enjoy the warmth of the shower without its drying effects.

Moisturize your Skin

Dry skin is very common in the winter due to colder temperatures and lower humidity. The key to healthy winter skin is to keep it moist and avoid ever getting to dry, itching and cracked. The best time to capture and seal the moisture into your skin is right after showering. After gently toweling off, apply a creamy moisturizer to trap the water and keep it in your skin. Brands like Vanicream, Cetaphil, or Eucerin work well for sensitive skin. Don't forget your hands! Apply lotion after washing to keep hands soft and moist and avoid cracking.

Wear Sunscreen

Protecting sensitive skin is a year-round commitment! Sun damage can occur even during cloud cover, so no matter the time of year, it's important to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen products come in gentle formulas for sensitive skin from makers like Eucerin and Vanicream. Since products vary, find the one that works best for you.  

Hydrate x2

During the cold winter months you may not feel as thirsty, but it is still important to keep your body and skin hydrated. But it doesn't stop there. Add a humidifier to your wish list! Dry air paired with heaters and hot fire places can dry out sensitive skin and drain it of all its moisture. By adding the moisture back into the air inside your bedroom or home, you are allowing more moisture to penetrate your skin and keep it moist, despite the dry air outside.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures 

It may be difficult to completely avoid extreme temperatures during the winter, especially if you enjoy being outdoors, however, there are ways to make it more comfortable and less harsh on your skin. A few simple tricks like layering clothing, wearing gloves, tucking a scarf in your purse or pocket for easy access can be a start. Layering clothing helps you bundle up or uncover depending on the temperature of the room. Wearing gloves helps prevent cold, chapped, cracked hands. A scarf can be a great accessory to block the cold wind from your face and neck, eliminating burning and redness caused by wind burn.

Make Fairface Washcloths™ part of your every day skin routine!

Fairface Washcloths™ ~ the softest facecloths for sensitive skin
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