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Do ONE Thing Different and Change Your Life

Fairface Podcast Ep 40 Do One Thing Different and Change Your Life
Fairface Podcast Episode 40  - 

Do ONE Thing Different and Change Your Life

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Fairface Podcast transcript / show notes

Hello my friends! Welcome back to an other episode of the Fairface Podcast! I hope you've been having a wonderful summer!

Just a quick note, I hope none of the outside noises get in the way of this episode today. We have a big construction project going on down the street and sometimes it sounds a lot closer than it actually is. It's going to be going on for like a year. So it drives me nuts, but hopefully the sounds of the trucks won't come through.

It's been a while. I unintentionally took July off from podcasting. After I posted the Sensitive Skin Traveling Tips, that I thought would be the most helpful for summer, we went to visit family, had family in town, and then suddenly it was August. So it kind of went by fast.

We are still in limbo as far as our living arrangements go. We were supposed to move from our current rental house (they are sadly going to tear this down and create a new development on this property) but we got an extension so we're still here, but we're living among boxes, and are still a little in limbo about when exactly we have to leave, and where we are going, so it's been a weird summer as far as that is concerned...and the saga continues, so I'm trying to live life as normally as I possibly can and enjoy this extended time we have in this lovely little house and property, and to enjoy the rest of the summer. Right now it's August 11th and for us here in Seattle the weather is still beautiful and hopefully will be for the rest of this month.

How ONE Decision can Change your Day

Today's post was actually sparked this morning by ONE decision I made.

Today I went for a morning walk. 

It's not something I did yesterday, or the day before, or for a very long time for that matter.

On most mornings during this same time, I am usually sitting in the front room with the early morning light streaming in the windows, while I scroll thru Instagram, waiting to have breakfast with my husband.

But this morning, I decided to follow my new mantra, which is to:

Do 1 Thing Different Each Day and see how it affects the trajectory of my day and of my life.

We've heard the saying a million times, something like, 

"If you keep doing the things you've always done, you'll just keep living the life you've always lived." 

Which leaves room for contentment, but not much for growth. 

And if things currently are not working for you, then you want to figure out how to change that. 

I like a quote by Jane Hamill, a business coach, who said, in reference to small business, 

"What would it look like if it was working for you?"

And you can apply that to life too. What would your daily life look like, if it was working for you? How would your decisions be different or your schedule look different or your habits be different if it was working for you?

So how are things going for you? 

  • Some of you have kids that have just gone back to school. Other's are anticipating their first day back.
  • Others are watching children leave home to head off to college or other pursuits.
  • Some of you have babies at home you are taking care of.
  • Others are maybe starting new businesses or juggling work and family.

There are so many different scenarios.

girl thinking of how to make changes to her life
Play the What-if Game

Do you feel like you are happy and content?

Or are you feeling like I do right now, where you're "just fine", but also feel like it wouldn't hurt to make some changes, or to shake things up a little to create different results?

I've played a game in my head many times but haven't ever done it. What if I asked one of my sisters to create a schedule for me that I had to follow for one week? What would that look like and could I do it?

It's kind of like what they do on those swap shows, where they trade places with another family and have to follow the other family's routine and rules, which are often very unfamiliar and unlike their own.

Honestly, I would be afraid my sister would make me wake up really early, run a mile or do push-ups or something, or make dinner every night. I've never asked any of my sisters to to that, but do you think you would be up for a challenge like that? 

It would definitely jump start change and get us out of our own heads and habits, and maybe even a stir up a little resentment to whoever created the new schedule.

But it certainly would shake things up and change your perspective and routine. 

Walk in Someone Else's Shoes

Or I've also thought, what if I came at if from another perspective, such as 

What would it look like if I was a person who was super active and motivated in the morning? (like I'm guessing someone like Brendon Burchard or another business or life coach) probably would be. 

What would it look like to walk in their shoes for a day? 

It would probably be both exhilarating and exhausting.

  • Or, what might my life look like if I was a person who always ate healthy meals?
  • Or who always took a walk after dinner?
  • Or a person who only watched tv for an hour a day?
  • Or what if I was the kind of person who actually made my bed every morning? That's always a controversial question.

Would any of these small decisions and changes in my normal routine, change the trajectory of my day and even collectively over time, the trajectory of my life?

So my challenge to myself and to you, if you're up for it, is to

  • Look at the week ahead (but you can start today if you want to like I did) and choose to do ONE thing different than you would normally do, every day for a week and just see what happens.

So if you observe what your normal patterns are every day, just do one thing differently than you normally would, to shake things up.

How to Decide what to Change

In order to decide what it is you might want to shake up, you could start by observing how you feel after you do certain things throughout your day.

Like maybe you're exhausted, like I am at the end of the day, when it's time to make dinner. That's the last thing I have energy for or interest in doing and I wish it could magically just appear on the table in front of me.

So, what if, instead of waiting to make dinner at night when you're tired, maybe you try putting it in the crockpot in the morning when you have energy, so by the end of the day, you really can snap your fingers and dinner is served. That sounds really good to me. I think that is going on my list of things to do this week.

Another ONE thing differently I'm going to try to see how I feel, is changing up what I do after I ship out orders during the week. 

So usually, after I go to the Post Office and drop off my outgoing washcloth orders, I come home and eat lunch while I turn on a Home Renovation show on HGTV.

It has become kind of a reward and relaxation time like it would be taking a lunch break at a regular job. For me, this pattern is very habitual. Like in the way that I almost feel weird if I don't do it when I come back from the Post Office. That's just something I do and have always done and I enjoy it. 

However, one thing about this routine, is that I find it is harder sometimes to switch back into my work brain after I've just let it sit and consume tv for 45 minutes while I'm eating lunch. 

The longing is to keep watching another episode and another episode or to see what's on another it's like slowly ripping off the band aid to get back to work, when my brain is longing for more distraction. That's not helpful to my motivation or my creativity or my productivity and takes me much longer sometimes to get back into my work flow.

So the question I've asked myself, is how might my energy, my motivation, my productivity and creativity feel if I do something different after dropping off my washcloth orders.

So instead of eating lunch and watching HGTV, what if I eat lunch at the table, and do something that stimulates my brain differently, that is more active, like turning on music or taking a walk around the block and listening to a podcast.

So that's one of the things I'm going to try and then observe how it makes me feel and if I want to actually break up that normal habit and never go back to it.

Your Brain Will Reward You

As you are trying these new things this week, one AMAZING thing about your brain, is that just your anticipation and excitement about imagining what can happen as you try something different, it will also excite your brain and release dopamine. 

You will get a pleasure hit that can improve your ability to think and plan, strive, and focus, and find an interest in things. (-sources: Berkley. edu, webmd)

In anticipation of a reward, and in particular, *the unpredictability of a reward*, it actually increases anticipation and how much dopamine is released. (-webmd)

So we can get more of the "feel good" dopamine, just by planning out and trying new things. That's pretty amazing!

And these small changes, just ONE a day, you can either decide to keep doing or move on to try something else.

This is a great way to create habits and change old patterns that have a tendency to keep us stuck and unaware of what new possibilities even lie out there for us.

Small Changes, Big Impacts

So while taking a walk this morning may have only been a small change from my normal routine, it made a big impact on the way I feel, the decisions I made after my walk, and my perspective about the future. 

I hope listening to this episode can do the same thing for you! Let me know if it helps! I really hope that it will. I'd love to hear from you.

If you're interested in more on this type of topic, you can go back and listen to episode 31, I posted back in February, 5 Ways to Reboot your Energy where I talk more about ways to help you keep moving forward with a little more motivation and positivity.) 

Well, this episode was a little shorter, but I really wanted to share it with you this morning because it really made an impact on me and I hope it can help you too. I hope you've enjoyed it. 

And if you're on Instagram come by and say hi! I really love connecting with you and you can find me @FairfaceWashcloths on both IG and Facebook. I would love to hear from you and hear what you think about this episode and share it with someone you think it might help as well. 

Thanks so much, as always, for being here and I will see you next time!

Thanks for reading and listening!

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Skin Care Advice on Social Media: Is it worth following?

following social media skin care professionals and influencers
Is skin care advice on social media leaving you with more questions than answers? If so, you're not alone.

Social Media Skin Care Advice

While it can be advantageous to follow skin care professionals on social networks such as Instagram (my favorite spot), TikTok, Facebook, etc., to get tips about healthy skin care routines, product recommendations and info about certain skin care conditions, you will most likely need more information than what you are given in their 90 second post. 

Comments and questions start to quickly stack up after a post is dropped, but how much interaction takes place after the post goes live? Are any of the questions really answered? 

Let's take a look at an example, 

Let's say a dermatologist has just posted about the benefits of adding a Vitamin C serum to your morning routine. 

Readers might immediately respond with questions like: 

  • Can I use this under my moisturizer? 
  • Will Vitamin C irritate my skin? 
  • What order should I apply this in my skin care routine?
  • What brand do you recommend? 
  • Will this interact with my other skin care products?
  • I tried this and it made me break out. Should I stop using it?
  • Can I use it at night?
  • Should I only use it in the morning?
  • Will it make my skin more sensitive to the sun?

etc., etc, etc.

Why You Probably Won't Get Answers to your Skin Care Questions on Social Media

On large Instagram accounts, I find the first few questions on a post are often answered, to some degree, but then it's usually radio silence from the person who posted. 

Reasons you probably won't get answers to your questions: 

A) They already have a full time job as a dermatologist or esthetician and they don't have hours to scroll through comments, and answer hundreds of questions.  

B) Due to the nature of our individual skin, they don't always have all the information that would allow them to thoroughly answer your individual questions.

C) For obvious liability reasons, they won't be diagnosing anyone over Instagram.

When you DO actually get answers to your questions: 

Truth be told, I have had a really good experience interacting with several dermatologists and estheticians on Instagram. These beautiful skin care professionals (in more ways than one) have not only responded to questions I've left on their posts, but several have also personally responded to my DM's!

This may or may not have been your experience as well. On the rare occasion you get a response to your personal questions, congrats! However, not to be the dasher of dreams, but most of the time it probably won't end up like that...or they do take the time to answer your questions, but it still leaves you with more questions...

What you Should do with Social Media Skin Care Advice


Follow Skin Care Professionals and Brands you Know you can Trust

There are lots of Dermatologists, Estheticians and even Skin Care Chemists who offer incredible advice that can be very helpful and can be taken into consideration for your own skin. Choose wisely who you choose to follow and determine whether they have the professional qualifications to give this kind of advice. 

Be mindful that skin care influencers, on the other hand, most likely do not have a professional background in skin care, they are often being paid to represent certain products, and some have even offered advice (based on social trends) that can be very harmful to your skin. 

Take your Social Media Skin Care Advice to a Professional

If you enjoy following skin care professionals on Instagram and other social media platforms like I do, keep it up! They can be very helpful and insightful!

Keep in mind, however, that it's just one piece of the puzzle for your individual skin care routine. 

I suggest keeping the skin care advice and questions you have collected from social media and taking them with you to an appointment with your dermatologist or esthetician. That way they will have the full picture and be able to address your concerns and questions, as it applies to your skin. They can see and feel your skin in person, they know what products you're already using, and know what would be an appropriate treatment for your skin personally, and not just in general terms, or worst of all, through a screen.

Check out our Instagram account @FairfaceWashcloths and see what great skin care professionals we're following!

What skin care accounts do you enjoy following?

Share them below in the comments!

social media tips from skin care washcloths maker fairface washcloths
This post is brought to you by Shannon Sorensen, Founder and CEO of Fairface Washcloths for sensitive skin!

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Summer Breakouts? Check your sunglasses

wash your sunglasses for clearer skin
If you are getting breakouts-

  • on your lower forehead area between your eyebrows, 
  • on the slope between your eyes, 
  • or on your cheeks where your sunglasses touch your face, 

there might be a simple solution for you to clear it up and prevent it from happening over and over again.

But first, let me ask you a question- when's the last time you washed your sunglasses?

Are your Sunglasses Making Your Skin Breakout?

It might not seem like much, but wearing the same pair of sunglasses day after day (especially if you've been sweating)  might be the reason your skin keeps breaking out in those problem areas.

Dirty sunglasses collect sweat and oil, which creates a holding spot for bacteria. Each time you put your dirty sunglasses back on, the bacteria touches and transfers to your skin in the very same places and before you know it, voila! You've got another breakout.

Clear Skin / Clean Sunglasses - How to Prevent Breakouts

  1. Wash your sunglasses every morning (especially if you sweat) or at least a few times a week if you can't do it every day.
  2. Use warm water and a dishwashing soap like Dawn to wash away oils and bacteria. 
  3. Wash gently with a soft cloth.
  4. Rinse your sunglasses thoroughly with warm water, making sure to get all the soap off.
  5. Dry your sunglasses with a lint-free cloth to prevent your lenses from spotting (give them a little shake to release any excess water hiding in the frames).

Optional: Have more than one pair of sunglasses you like to wear, so you can wear a clean pair as often as possible, inbetween washing.

Who knew the simple solution was staring you right in the face?

I promise, taking the time to wash your sunglasses will make a big difference in helping to reduce breakouts on those areas of your face! 

soft flannel washcloths to prevent breakouts

This Clear Skin / Clean Sunglasses tip was brought to you by Fairface Washcloths
, makers of the best soft face cloths for sensitive skin. Our soft, gentle flannel face cloths are only washcloths you should be using on your face!


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Does shade really protect my skin?

We're all about sharing the Best Summer Skin Tips right now and thought we'd answer a commonly asked question:

Does sitting under a beach umbrella really protect me from the sun?

How much does shade protect me from the sun?

According to, shade is a great way to shield yourself from direct UV radiation (aka baking in the direct sun), but the indirect rays can still get to you.

Even under a beach umbrella or shady tree, UV rays bounce off of reflective surfaces like water, sand and concrete, hitting your skin. 

So while you're sitting in a shady spot at the beach, or pool-side, it's still vital to be slathering on a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, and keep re-applying it every 2 hours.

How to Make Your Own Shade

No more shady spots on that crowded beach? Bring some shade of your own: 

Portable Shade Umbrella with UV Protective Fabric (*affiliate link)

This has to be my favorite beach accessory! No matter how crowded the beach is, you can always create your own portable shade. 

This has been a game changer for me during the summer.  I have used it many times when there is no other shade in sight and it keeps me cooler and much more comfortable than sitting in the heat of the direct sun.

And a bonus is how easy it is to transport! Its slim design allows me to slide it in the same carry bag as my foldable camping/beach chair and once I'm sitting at the beach I simply clamp it to my chair and slant it to whichever position I need.

Other ways to "make some shade" & protect yourself from UV rays:

  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat 
  • Wear UV protective clothing 
  • Wear UV protective sunglasses (which not only shades your eyeballs, it shades the skin around your eyes as well).

Bottom line, shade is a great way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays but just remember it's only part of a good plan for protecting your skin. Be prepared to apply the almighty SPF, as well as wearing hats, UV protective clothing and sunglasses.

*Affiliate link disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission if you purchase this shade umbrella through my link. Thank you for your support so we can continue to give you recommendations of great products we use and trust!

For the Best Day at the Beach Skin Care Routine Click Here  

This Summer Skin Care Tips post was brought to you by Fairface, makers of Fairface Washcloths, the best soft face cloths for gentle cleansing. You've never felt anything so good against your skin. Soft and gentle to protect your skin barrier and leave you with clean, calm, beautiful skin.

Are Self Tanners Safe?

are self tanners a safe way to tan?
Self tanners have long been recommended as the "safest way" to get a suntan, but how safe really are they?

Are Self Tanners Really Safe?

According to Dr. Shereene Idriss, a NYC Board Certified Dermatologist, self tanners aren't as safe as they've been made out to be. 

Self tanners actually produce free radicals that AGE YOUR SKIN! (*see source below)

Is your mind blown? Mine is.

Can You Still Use Self Tanners Safely?

Knowing that self tanners do have their risks, only you can decide what you're comfortable with. If you do choose to use self tanners on occasion, (which Dr. Idriss admits to doing, herself), she recommends to do the following, to give your skin a bit more protection.

Her recommendation:   

Apply an antioxidant based body cream BEFORE applying your self tanner, to help reduce the amount of free radical production.

Her product recommendations: 

  • Gold Bond resorting body lotion with green tea and vitamin C 
  • The Inky List Q10 antioxidant serum 

*Source: Self Tanning: YouTube Video: How To Protect Your Skin! | Dr. Shereene Idriss. 

And of course, always use SPF of at least 30 or higher, at least 20 minutes before going out.

Are Self Tanners Safe for Sensitive Skin?

Self tanning risks apply to all skin types, but with sensitive skin, you do have one more thing to be cautions about. Unless your self-tanner is made specifically for sensitive skin (and sometimes even if it is), ingredients in self-tanners have a tendency to cause irritation to sensitive skin.

I, personally, have sensitive, fair skin and my experience with self-tanners has been less than positive. Not only do they leave my skin smelling strange, and a very unnatural orange color, I often develop an itchy rash after applying it.

Before researching this post I bought a bottle of self tanner to take the "shock" off my pale legs, but the real shock came finding out that self-tanners age your skin. After learning the truth about the safety of self tanners, it will most likely be going back on the shelf.

This post is brought to you by Shannon Sorensen, Founder and CEO of Fairface Washcloths - soft flannel washcloths for gentle cleansing that promote a healthy skin barrier.

This post is purely information and is not intended to be a substitute for professional, medical advice.


I'd love to hear about your experience with self-tanners. Are you as shocked as I was that it causes pre-mature aging? Leave your comment below!

soft flannel washcloths for sensitive skin
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Camping Skin Care Routine - keep it simple and keep the bugs away

camping skin care routine face washing
Camping is a great way to get away and escape the stresses of every day life but it doesn't mean you should skip washing your face. 

Follow this Simple Camping Skin Care Routine and stay clean and fresh as the great outdoors without all the fuss. 

PLUS with these trusted, fragrance-free skin care products, they won't irritate your skin or attract bugs! It's a win-win!

**Affiliate links are included for your convenience. Please see our disclosure at the end of our post.

Simple Camping Skin Care Routine

1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. 

Face wipes may be tempting, but they only spread the oil and dirt around. Use a cleanser, water and a soft washcloth to clean and protect your skin. We love Vanicream gentle cleanser. *No fragrance means no worry about irritation or attracting bugs and mosquitos. Use a water source or bring a gallon jug of bottled water. If you are bringing a portable shower, you can use the face wash for your body or Vanicream's gentle body wash.

2. Use soft face cloths.

Your face will get dirty and sometimes washing your face with just your hands isn't enough to get clean and wash away all your bug repellent and sunscreen. We love Fairface Washcloths. Made with soft flannel, they are perfect for gentle cleansing and no worry about redness or irritation. For camping, you might want to opt for the soft, black flannel option (Fairface Darks).

3. Moisturize.

We love CeraVe moisturizing cream - great for your face and body. If it's a little too thick during the summer months, Vanicream's lite lotion is also a great option. *These products are also made without any fragrance, so you don't have to worry about attracting bugs with a smelly lotion.

4. Protect your skin & lips with SPF.

This is a very important part of your skin care routine when camping because you are outdoors 24/7. We love CeraVe am moisturizer with SPF 30 or Eucerin Daily Protection Face Lotion, SPF 30, Dry Skin, 4 fl. oz for your face. You can use it on your neck, chest and body too, or opt for a thicker body SPF like Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 55. Don't forget to protect your lips with our favorite Aquaphor healing SPF lip balms.

5. Use Bug Repellent

When camping, we consider using bug repellent part of your skin care routine! Using repellent not only helps to protect your skin from mosquitos and other bug bites, it can also help prevent the itchy, irritated, wounded skin that can follow.  The product we generally use is OFF!® Deep Woods, but feel free to use your favorite repellent.

**Affiliate links disclosure: If you purchase through our Amazon Affiliate links, we will earn a small commission from your purchase. We appreciate your support, as it helps us continue to offer free, helpful content and trusted product recommendations.

This Simple Camping Skin Care Routine is brought to you by Fairface, the makers of Fairface Washcloths, promoting healthy skin habits with the best washcloths for gentle cleansing.

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4 Sensitive Skin Hotel Product Swaps

things not to use in your hotel room if you have sensitive skin
Hotel rooms are a necessary part of traveling, but they are also a hot spot for sensitive skin issues.

Here are 

4 Things You Shouldn't Use in Your Hotel Room if you have Sensitive Skin:

1. Don't use Hotel Tissues

Even something as simple as blowing your nose with cheap and abrasive facial tissue, found in most hotels, can cause redness to your nose, eyes and sensitive skin. 

SWAP: Instead of scratchy hotel tissues, pack your own box of soft tissues or travel size Kleenex packets to use in place of your hotel tissue to prevent redness on and around your nose and face.

2. Don't use Hotel Towels & Washcloths on your Face

Unless you are staying in a high-end, luxury hotel, chances are your towels are going to be a bit scratchy after hundreds of washes. And not only that, but residue from heavy duty detergent and bleach can be left on your towels and washcloths. All of these factors can cause major sensitive skin issues, causing your facial skin to become red, puffy and irritated.

SWAP: bring your own soft face cloths and drying towels ike these from Fairface to prevent redness and irritation from hotel towels and washcloths. This will be a huge help to your sensitive skin. 

3. Don't use Hotel Pillow Cases

Hotel pillow cases are another big potential irritation trigger for sensitive skin. Bed linens have been used and washed over and over again in the same strong detergents, bleaching agents and fabric softeners hotel towels are washed in. Since your sensitive face will be laying against your pillow case all night long, it's very important to skip out on using the hotel pillow cases that can potentially irritate your skin with an abrasive texture and detergent residue. Hotel pillows can also trigger allergies. 

SWAP: Bring several soft pillow cases like these silk-cotton ones from Fairface from home you can swap out during your trip, and sleep on a clean one as often as possible. And while you're at it, if there's room in your suitcase, pack your own pillow too.  

4. Don't use Hotel Skin Care Products

If you have sensitive skin, it can easily be triggered by hotel skin care products that your sensitive skin isn't used to, nor may tolerate well. Hotel skin care products like soaps, shampoos and moisturizers aren't made for sensitive skin. They are often made with common additives and fragrances that can cause irritation to sensitive skin. You can ask your hotel if they carry hypoallergenic skin care products but it's best to follow the tip below.

SWAP: Bring your own skin care products so you can follow your regular sensitive skin care routine. You know what your skin already tolerates well and it will be a big risk to use what skin care products the hotel provides. Bring your own face and body wash (which can also be used as hand soap), shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer. It's a must for sensitive skin types.

*Traveling with sensitive skin doesn't have to be hard, but it does take some planning and extra packing space. By avoiding these common irritants to your sensitive skin, you can travel without worry and keep your skin looking and feeling as good as if you were tucked into your own bed each night. 

soft flannel face cloths for traveling with sensitive skin
These Sensitive Skin Hotel Tips were brought to you by Fairface, makers of the best washcloths and face cloths for sensitive skin.

Never travel without them! 

Pick up your own set today at