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Tween and Teen Skin care 101: Part 2

answers to common teen and pre teen skin care questions fairface podcast ep 46
Fairface Podcast Episode 46:

Tween and Teen Skin care 101: Part 2 with Licensed Esthetician, Patti Robinson

Listen NOW, or on your favorite podcast channel

A little more about today's episode:

Get answers to the most common questions around Tween and Teen Skin Care, from a Licensed Esthetician!

Today we cover important questions like:

  • What age is best to start a skin care routine?
  • What gentle skin care products are best for pre-teens and teens?
  • What part does diet play in acne and skin conditions like eczema? 
  • What should you do when your face breaks out?

All these questions and more are answered today on our very special episode with Patti Robinson, a licensed esthetician and founder of Sapphire Skincare and Healing, in Portland, Oregon, who also offers skin care classes for tweens and teens!

[See Tween and Teen Skincare 101: Part 1 here]

Tween and Teen Skincare 101: Part 2 Episode Highlights

In today's episode we welcom Patti Robinson, a licensed esthetician and owner of Sapphire Skincare and Healing in Portland, OR.

Patti's background

Patti grew up in a family of 6 girls and had the worst skin of all of them. Her acne lasted as a teenager until she was mid 30's until she started experimenting with her diet. She found once she eliminated sugar, her skin improved. 

Although her education was in Dietetics and she spent many years in the financial industry, about 12 years ago, she earned her esthetician license and opened Sapphire Skincare and Healing. Because of her own experience with skin problems, she wanted to help others help resolve their own skin issues. 

*Patti's answers cover the majority of our interview; [My additions will be noted]

The most common questions around Tween (pre-teen) and Teen Skin Care

best skin care tips for teens and tweens

At what age should kids start a skin care routine?

Patti's opinion is, that if a child is willing and able to wash their face, no age is too early to start. 

Even at the age of 6 of 7 you can't do any harm to the skin and the skin will just be more healthy for it. 

If they don't initiate a desire, you'll want to make sure they have a consistent routine in place by the time they start showing signs of puberty, which may or may not include the onset of acne.

Skin care Routine for Children / Tweens / Teens 

Start with a Basic Skin Care Routine


  • Gentle cleanser and 
  • Gentle moisturizer 
  • Sunscreen


  • Gentle cleanser and 
  • Moisturizer

What to do if their skin starts to break out

As they grow older, if their skin starts being problematic with signs of acne, you can always introduce a targeted serum. Vitamin C is just a fantastic serum for different reasons, or go with a gentle enzyme exfoliant but nothing aggressive like a harsh scrub.

What Should You Do If a Child is Resistant to a Skin Care Routine?

Start slower and more simple.

Try a more minimal routine like maybe just cleansing in the evening first for a while. That evening cleanse is important because they've been sweating, they've been outside, playing sports.

Then when they've been cleansing for a while, gradually add a moisturizer to that evening routine and once it seems like they've gotten into the groove of that evening routine you can start introducing a similar morning practice.

Also, make their routines FUN! Entice them with some fun stuff like soft, plush headbands, or colorful ponytail holders (for girls and boys), and of course, you must have a soft, flannel Fairface Washcloth

What gentle skin care products really are best for pre-teens and teens?

You don't need to have separate products for pre-teens vs. teens, but more importantly the focus should be on using gentle products, that are suitable and address the needs of the child's skin type

Normally this age there is usually skin sensitivity, but there could also be the start of acne and eczema, so if they do have skin issues, you just want to make sure you are using products that are not only gentle, but address the issue at hand. 

Roccocco Botanicals

Patti's favorite skin care product line right now is Roccocco Botanicals. 

The owner, Jayceen Drummond, is a cosmetic chemist and educator, who is constantly keeping up with ingredient studies and either updating her formulations or creating new products as necessary to resolve certain skin issues. 

Jayceen's philosophy is that you don't have to be aggressive to resolve or enhance the health of the skin. 

Jayceen's interest and passion stemmed from personal experience. Between herself and her 3 children. They've basically had every skin issue imaginable, so she went on a journey of studying skin and ingredients to help her own skin and her children's skin.

[*Often that's the way products are created (as was the case with Fairface Washcloths as well). Click About Us to read our story)]

Patti feels many of the skin care products on the market today just aren't keeping up with the science of certain ingredients and what they can help, as well as the science of the skin.

You never want to dehydrate or irritate the skin, no matter what the skin condition is.

[Shannon: So many people think harsher ingredients or scrubbing the skin will help get rid of their skin problems but it's the opposite, right?]


Roccocco's line is not dehydrating, not irritating, they are very calming and are extremely effective. She's done all this research about what helpful ingredients are and what does help this skin issue, versus another.

And her line is completely non-comedogenic (products that do not have ingredients that are scientifically known to cause break-outs), except for 2 products that are geared more towards dry and aged skin. That science is also changing. What was thought to cause break-outs 10 years ago, maybe is proven to not be and vice versa, so you've really got to keep in touch with what the latest science is.

Because the Roccocco line is so hydrating and calming and gentle, it's perfect for children. They came out with 3 products that are specific for pre-teens and teens, who have clear skin or mild acne.

Patti carries this line so you can order from her and she can make suggestions and do some consulting and help with what would be beneficial to you. She can also reach out to Jayceen and get her opinion and recommendations. 

Drug Store Skin Care Products for Children, Pre-teens and Teens

[Shannon: I use Vanicream Gentle cleanser. My dermatologist recommended it and for me, it's so gentle, that it's great for my Rosacea-prone sensitive skin. Do you think that would also be something suitable for younger kids?]

Yes, I do. 

My suggestion would be to 

  • Go as bland and basic as possible for this younger age. 
  • Nothing aggressively exfoliating. 
  • Maybe something with a little salicylic if they're having some acne issues. 
  • Nothing that seems like it's going to be stingy, burney or aggressive.

You could also have an esthetician confirm whether a product is comedogenic or not, which I'm always keeping up on the latest information, and am happy to do. 

How does Diet affect the skin: (i.e., what are common triggers for acne and eczema?)

The triggers seem to be very personal. For me, (Patti) it was definitely sugar.  In my experience with clients, sugar and dairy are very, very common triggers for people. Lesser so, but also, are fast food, peanuts, and chocolate. There's a long list, but those are the the top.

[Shannon: If someone is using a gentle skin care routine but also eating foods that could be triggering acne, do you think it would be better to examine the skin care or diet? 

If they stopped eating some of these trigger foods, do you think their skin would most likely clear up like yours did?]

I would say so, but I don't want to guarantee that. It's an individual thing about what the trigger is for people. These are the 2 biggest culprits, but the other big culprit is comedogenic (pore clogging) ingredients. So check those ingredients and if they are eating a lot of sugar and dairy, that would be the next thing to look at and do some experimenting like I did.

Diet and Eczema (common for pre-teens and teen)

Dairy is usually not an issue unless the child has some sort of sensitivity to it, but sugar is almost always a factor which eczema. That's not to say that if you reduce your sugar intake it will completely disappear, but it may help substantially.

[Shannon: I didn't ever realize that eczema and sugar had any relation. I did have some eczema back when I was about 14 years old and I had no idea that food had anything to do with eczema. ]

Sugar is in a lot of the packaged, processed foods.

Ways to help Eczema

You want to use an effective moisturizer to keep the skin calm and hydrated. Something basic, nothing irritating. 

  • Nurture that skin as much as you can. 
  • Don't use benzoyl peroxide in any form, even the lower percentage, with eczema. It will make eczema worse.
  • Roccocco has some good products for hydrating and calming, which is what eczema needs. A product called CPR (calm, protect, revive) which you can also use as a body cream, and Rescue Balm, are perfect for eczema. 

[Shannon: Let's jump back to acne and breakouts...When I was a teen and I would have break-outs, you know, your first response is, I want to pick my face. I want to get rid of this pimple so it can heal and be gone because it's so embarrassing. The real question all youth need to know and understand is-]

What should you do if you have acne, pimples, blackheads (is it ok to pick and pop?)

If a child has blackheads, or pimples or something more severe, unfortunately, they should do whatever they can to resist popping or picking. I totally get it. I had acne too and yes, I popped and picked and wanted it to just go away. I understand how difficult that can be. 

Your hands are the most germy parts of your body and picking unfortunately can then cause infection...

[Shannon: Can it make acne worse? Can it spread it?]

Yes, because you are causing harm to the skin and it can get worse before it gets better. 

If you're really picking and scraping, you can end up with life long scarring and pitting. It just further delays that natural healing process compared to if you just left it alone. 

No judgment, I 've been there, done that, but you want to keep your hands off as much as possible. 

Better Alternatives to Picking Pimples

[Shannon: What about pimple patches, ice, warm compress...what's the next best thing to do then?]

I'm not familiar with pimple patches, but just hearing about them they seem harmless, so to speak, but whether they're effective, you probably know more than I do. It seems that if you're covering a pimple with a patch, at least it would help reduce picking, right?

[Shannon: What I've heard is that it's a medicated patch, maybe it's benzoyl peroxide, I'm not sure]

Icing makes sense to me, especially if it's a severe case of acne, that can be very soothing and calming.

[Shannon: Can it help reduce inflammation if you have large pimples? Would it help to make them appear smaller?]

It would definitely reduce inflammation and also help with painful pimples. 

More on Benzoyl Peroxide

You have to be careful, because if the percentage is high, it is extremely drying, dehydrating and irritating, which is counterproductive to taking care of your skin. 

It can make acne or any other skin condition much worse.

The 2% version on the market is actually good. It's not drying, dehydrating or irritating so that would be what you want to look for if you want to experiment with a benzoyl peroxide. It's called Curoxyl 42 Benzoyl Peroxide Gel. 

[Shannon: Can you get that just in the regular drug store?]

I think so. I can't say for sure though.

*Just another caution NOT to use benzoyl peroxide if you have both acne AND eczema because that eczema component is an issue.

There are other ingredients that can be used in place of using benzoyl peroxide for eczema. 

[Shannon: I've heard people put steroid creams on eczema. Would that be something you'd recommend or need to prescribe?]

I would say go with a Dermatologist, us esthetician's aren't at that level of recommending prescription drugs. I don't want to give an opinion on that, a dermatologist could prescribe that if they think it would be beneficial for the degree of eczema.

What are Some Skin Challenges Pre-teens and Teens May Face and What Can Help?

[Shannon: we've already covered a lot of it, but is there anything you wanted to add?]

As far as challenges, it's get back to practicing that good hygiene and establishing that consistent routine. We talked about suggested strategies for adopting that regular regime, but it also might be helpful to have the child receive a facial, from a licensed esthetician (with a parent's consent of course). This may be a fun way to show them the process of a routine [Shannon: and how good it can feel].

Yes, and in this completely relaxing environment and it can also get them excited and enthusiastic about their skin care rather than a parent saying, "Cleanse with this tonight."

Why You Shouldn't Use a Regular Terrycloth Washcloth

[Shannon: You mentioned in your notes, do not use a standard terry cloth washcloth, which can be too rough and irritating]


[Shannon: I know why we (Fairface) make soft flannel washcloths so there won't be any irritation to the skin. So terrycloth washcloths though, what kind of irritation can they lead to? Can they make conditions worse? Why shouldn't they use terrycloth?]

Because the terrycloth is more rough, so if you have acne lesions it could, similar to picking or popping, disrupt the lesions, making it worse, delaying that healing, possibly leading to scars.

Also, if you have sensitive skin, like you and I, I was prone to rosacea, and even to this day, when I wash my face, just with my hands, my face reddens up because I'm sensitive. So something rough, on just plain sensitive skin is going to irritate it and cause more inflammation.

[Try Fairface Washcloths instead of traditional terrycloth washcloths. Fairface Delicates are made with 2 layers of double-sided soft flannel. Gentle and non-irritating. ]

Skin Care Classes for Pre-Teens and Teens

[Shannon: Before we go, I really want to touch on your skin care classes. If I had an opportunity to learn about how to take care of my skin when I was 11, 12,...well, all through my teen years, I think it would have made a huge difference. I just did what my mom did, what my sister did. My mom would bring products home from the store and we would use them. They stung my skin. My skin type is very different than my other sisters'. 

If I'd had a class like this, that could offer some guidance from a professional, I think it would have been wonderful. I want to hear more about your skin care classes and hopefully people who live in your area (Portland, OR) will take advantage of them and contact you because I certainly would have.]

Thank you very much. 

Early on when I opened my business, I did some research on whether anyone was offering something like skin care classes for young people, and didn't see anything and thought, I'm definitely going to offer that. You get back to the, "parent vs. professional," teaching you and coaching you on how to take care of your skin. Plus, I just love having the classes and just seeing their attention and their eyes, like, "oh that's very interesting".

I usually have them practice their little routine in my studio. If they come with friends or sisters, I make sure to bring my plush headbands, and they all get in the bathroom and they're giggling and looking at each other. For me, it is very, very satisfying and I just think it's a good thing to do.

I offer 2 levels of skin care classes (separated by age, understanding and maturity, not because of skin care routine, necessarily)

Pre-teen Skin Care Class (age 9-12)

We cover basic topics in a language they can understand like:

  • The structure of the skin
  • The advantages of the oil on their face (the focus shouldn't be on getting rid of that oil because it's there for a good reason, for the health of the skin)
  • Skin Types (even at that age, it doesn't mean everyone is just a sensitive skin, there could be other issues)
  • Dietary Suggestions (the idea that food can influence their skin)
  • Acne
  • A good home skin care regime at that age

Teen Skin Care Classes (age 13-18)

All topics above are covered, in more detail


  • Exfoliation
  • Sunscreen

The classes are bout 2 hours and they run $75 per child. 

Group max would be about 5 youth

[Shannon: I just think it sounds wonderful and so helpful. Skin is such a big deal, well it's always a big deal, but particularly when you're growing up and trying to figure out how to do it right and how to take care of your skin. 

We're not born knowing how to do that, necessarily, so I think this sounds so wonderful and helpful, and making it fun, something they can enjoy and look forward to and continue doing at home.]

Right, exactly. When I was little, and starting my little skin care routine, I was handed a bar soap, like an Ivory bar soap and that's horrible for skin.

[Shannon: Compared to the products now that are so gentle and nourishing to skin. It's come such a long way.]


Skin care isn't just for women! Patti offers skin care consultations and treatments for women, men, girls and boys. She has many male clients who love the relaxation of a facial in a soothing environment. 

We also have a lot of male Fairface Washcloths customers as well, people who care about their skin and how it feels and looks! 

[Shannon: Thank you Patti! This had been such a wealth of information. You and I both feel very passionate about helping, particularly this age group, just giving them the resources they need. It's a tough time of life anyway and when your skin starts acting up it can just be so detrimental to your self-esteem and feelings of self worth. 

I think this information is going to be so helpful for so many people, so thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge with us and for taking the time, sacrificing your time today, to do this with me.]

Of course, and likewise, thanks so much for the idea. This was a lot of fun and important as well, as you said. 


How You Can Contact Patti Robinson

  • Pre-teen and Teen Skin Care Classes
  • Skin Care Consultations and Treatments for Men, Women, Girls, Boys


FB: sapphireskincare

IG: @sapphireskincare_healing

how to contact patti, of sapphire skin care and healing, portland, or


Products mentioned

  • Fairface Washcloths (soft flannel washcloths for tweens, teens, and all sensitive skin!)
  • Roccoco Botanicals (*contact Patti to order and get recommendations)
  • Vanicream gentle cleanser
  • Other gentle cleansers that are *non-comedogenic
  • Curoxyl 42 Benzoyl Peroxide Gel (the 2% more gentle version) *don't use if you have eczema

Thanks so much for being here!

The Fairface Podcast is hosted by Shannon Sorensen, Founder and CEO of Fairface; maker of Fairface Washcloths, the best washcloths for sensitive skin!

CONNECT with us on social media @FairfaceWashcloths

The Future of Fairface Washcloths

fairface washcloths podcast what the future holds
 Fairface Podcast Episode 45

The Future of Fairface Washcloths - sink or swim?

Listen NOW or on your favorite podcast channel

Fairface Podcast transcript / show notes


Hello my friends! Welcome to the first Fairface podcast episode in 2023. Happy New Year! I'm so sorry, it's the end of January. So, can I still say that even though it's already January 30th today when I'm recording this? I hope you are doing great so far in this new year!

I have been hesitant to record this episode because of what I am going to share with you, because I'm not sure exactly how to say what I want to say. I have outlined it a couple of times and think yes, I'm going to share this. And then I rethink it and think no, I'm not recording this.

We've been taught to project ourselves how we want everything to be and how we want it to appear, much like the saying, "fake it 'til you make it." But if you take that facade down, for all of us, what's really happening on the other side? 

It is a Pivotal Year for us

In a place of total honesty and vulnerability, this is a very pivotal year for us with our small business. It is the year I will decide, due to our current challenging economic times, whether or not I will be able to continue making and selling Fairface Washcloths. 

I know there are a lot of small businesses out there who are facing these same challenges and every time I hear that another one of them has closed, it breaks my heart. I can also understand why they end up having to make those hard decisions when they just can't make it work anymore.

We are in a place where we need to be reaching more customers and bringing in more sales, in order to outweigh all the increasing costs of doing business. 

And having to face the possibility that running this business might not work anymore if things don't change, is a huge deal for me. It's a life changing decision. I've been making and sharing Fairface Washcloths going on 12 years.

Fairface Washcloths have helped my skin in such a profound way

sensitive skin soft flannel face cloths from Fairface Washcloths
And the thing is, I LOVE our washcloths. I won't use any other washcloth on my face. I believe in them to my core or I wouldn't be doing any of this. 

And I also know they are helping thousands of people with their sensitive skin too because they have told me they do. They have told me how grateful they are to have found our washcloths and how much they've helped their skin. And they keep coming back for more washcloths for themselves, and they give them as gifts to other people because they are "believers in Fairface Washcloths."

I believe, for the good of a healthy skin barrier, no matter what your skin type, everyone should be washing their face with our soft flannel washcloths because they won't harm your skin barrier like so many other textured washcloths can.  

From the very first time I started making and using our soft flannel washcloths on my sensitive, newly-diagnosed Rosacea skin, all those years ago, they have helped my skin in such a profound way - I knew from that moment it was something I needed to share with other people who also have sensitive skin.


It's hard to be a small business right now

All that aside, the fact is, it is getting so much more expensive just to make our washcloths AND also to sell our washcloths. From our fabrics, to our labels, to our thread and shipping costs to get all of the raw materials here. Everything has increased.

Even our packaging costs have doubled even though I keep our packaging simple *on purpose* so I can invest the most money into our fabrics and the making of our washcloths. I won't source cheaper materials because I will only turn out the very best quality.

And along with that, the costs and fees to sell our products online have also gone up. 

Each platform is taking more from each seller and from each sale; and website hosting and maintenance, email, credit card processing fees, you name it, all the costs are rising.

I haven't raised our washcloth prices or our shipping prices, though the costs on our side have all gone up. I don't want to raise prices, but I don't know if I will have to in order to still be able to make and share our washcloths.

It's harder finding customers than it was a few years ago

It's also become harder to find new customers. I talked about this a few episodes ago, in 6 Ways to Help Your Favorite Small Businesses without Spending a Dime, so you can go back and listen to that if you haven't already.

Even with all the advances in the way we sell online and with social media, blogging, and so forth, for us, it's harder to find new customers than it used to be in year's past. 

The only thing I can think of, is that it's because companies want you to pay for what used to come naturally for free. 

As much as my heart would love to keep providing everyone with our amazing washcloths that have helped so many people and something I believe in so deeply, I am not able to just do it out of the goodness of my heart. 

I need to help provide for our family and find extra money somewhere to save for our future so we're not still working our fingers to the bone when we're 85 years old.

I've considered, what if I kept this as a side-business? I used to do that several years ago when I also had another job. But there is just way too much time and effort and money that goes into running it, up against the limitations I've mentioned, for it to be something I could do along side a full-time job. 

This weighs on me night and day and even wakes me up in the middle of the night.

So you can see how hard this is, and why this is such a pivotal year for us. 

Will we be able to keep doing this business or not?

It's hard to buy from us if you don't know we're even here.

And the sad part is, like I said, it's not because the products aren't great. We've had thousands of sales and hundreds of gushing 5 star reviews and repeat customers.

We just need to grow our customer base and increase our sales in order to outgrow our costs. 

It's hard to buy from us if you don't know we're even here.

I can't imagine a world without Fairface Washcloths

sensitive skin care best products face cloths
I want to figure out how to make this work, not just for me, but for you and our incredible customers.

I imagine my customers who would no longer have our soft washcloths to help take care of their sensitive skin and it makes me feel horrible. 

I imagine myself without our washcloths and I wouldn't know what to do without them. 

Fairface Washcloths are a vital piece of my sensitive skin care routine. I can't use any other washcloths on my face. I've tried it! I've been stuck in a position where I had to use a random washcloth on my face and next to our soft washcloths, it felt like sandpaper on my skin and it did leave my skin red and irritated. 

Our soft flannel washcloths are the only washcloths that keep my skin calm when I wash my face. How could I do without them? How could all the people who use them now do without them either?!

They have told me how grateful they are to have found us. I don't want to let them down.


How I'm going to try and save our business

So, what am I going to do this year, to try to save our business?

I decided to call 2023 a Year of Discovery, because I'm moving forward with what I call, "a positive curiosity" to see if I can make our small business more sustainable by focusing on 4 specific goals. 

By pursuing these goals, it will either take us to the end of this year and beyond, or it will take us to the end of the year, as our last year for sharing Fairface Washcloths.  

So here is my game plan to see if I can increase our reach and increase our sales so I can keep Fairface Washcloths going.

My Top 4 Goals for saving our small business this year

1. Getting in front of more people's eyes

There are 3 ways I'm going to try to get in front of other people who may not have seen us before:

  • 1st with our customers
  • 2nd with our Podcast
  • 3rd with other skin care professionals

1st Our Customers

When you share about our products on your social media to your followers it puts us in front of a whole bunch of new people who may not otherwise have found us. 

With so many limitations on social media, our reach alone, unfortunately, is very small. 

  • Every share helps. 
  • Every mention helps.
  • Every one of your posts about us helps.
  • Every time you give Fairface Washcloths as a gift, it helps
  • Or any time you talk about us with your friends and family it helps so much and we are so grateful. Many of you are already doing this and it means so much to me.

The only thing I can do is ask for you to keep sharing and keep posting and keep gifting.

Another way I'm going to try getting in front of other people's eyes is by inviting guests on my podcast.

2nd Podcast Guests

I know I've been talking about this for a long time, but I hadn't done it because, frankly it's intimidating and scary because it was something I hadn't done before...until this past Friday.

If you follow me on social media, you know I finally recorded my 1st guest podcast episode about tween and teen skin care with Patti Robinson, a dear Fairface Washcloths customer and esthetician in Portland, OR. 

Podcasting Jitters

It was funny, I slept kind of fitfully the night before, worrying about what random things could happen - the main thing was, what if this doesn't record? What if I push record and after all of our conversation I go back and for some reason it glitched and didn't actually record, so that was my main worry...what if it doesn't record, what if the audio has problems, what if I sound stupid, what if I don't know how to make the conversation flow...blah, blah, blah, all those things were just flying around in my head the night before.

And the next morning I was telling my husband about all my worries and he said, whatever happens is going to happen. Which really was not helpful, but then he added, what if you have to go to the bathroom really bad during the middle of it? 

Well, that's one I hadn't thought of yet. Thank you so much, now I have another worry on the list.

But anyway, it went so well. The audio did record and she was so easy to talk to and so gracious to answer all my questions about a good skin care routine for tweens and teens as well as answering other skin care questions relevant to that age group. 

It went so well. It will take some time to get the episode ready to publish, but I will let you know when the release date will be, some time in February.

But it went so well that it doesn't feel quite as intimidating to invite another guest on my podcast.

My hope is by inviting skin care professionals that help and support sensitive skin, on my podcast, it will not only provide you with helpful information, but the professionals I bring on will be introduced to our customers and we will be introduced to theirs as well.

There are many great sensitive skin care brands and estheticians with customers and clients who may not have ever heard of Fairface Washcloths, but who could absolutely benefit from adding them to their sensitive skin care routine.

The last way I'm going to hopefully increase our reach, is by: 

3rd Asking for Professional Reviews

from estheticians, dermatologists, and sensitive skin care brands. 

This is also a tough one for me and pushes me way outside my comfort zone because I'm not sure what the etiquette is around something like this.

It's intimidating to ask (they could definitely say no) and it makes me uncomfortable imposing on them because they are very busy professionals. 

I don't know whether it's more realistic to get a supportive quote for our products and websites, or if they would be willing to do a public review in exchange for product? I'm not sure. Some of them may require payment in exchange for a review.

I'm just going to try and gather information, brace myself for rejection, and see what happens.

The 2nd part of my game plan to see if I can increase our reach and sales so I can keep Fairface Washcloths going is to:

2. Market to new customers

I'm really excited about this and have been working on something the last few weeks.

I have been told many, many times by our customers that the washcloths on the market, currently available for babies, just aren't soft enough. So they come to us and use our soft flannel washcloths for their babies.

Traditional baby washcloths are often made with textured fabrics, like "baby terry cloth", with smaller loops than traditional terrycloth, but the texture can still be rough against a baby's skin. 

Texture isn't necessary for a baby's skin, and it can even be harmful to their delicate skin barrier.

Our double-sided soft flannel washcloths are the perfect washcloths for a baby's tender, sensitive skin. The soft double-brushed flannel glides across the skin without any texture and it is much more gentle to the skin barrier.

My niece said she uses our soft flannel washcloths on her little boy and said she even used them to wipe his nose when he had a cold. The soft flannel didn't leave his nose red and tender like tissue did.  

Up to this point, we have had many customers buy our washcloths for their babies, but we haven't specifically marketed our washcloths as baby washcloths.

So in an effort to reach a wider range of customers who can benefit from our soft washcloths and I KNOW they will love our washcloths and so will their babies... 

I am creating some new packaging specifically for baby washcloths and hope to reach and help a larger range of people.

My 3rd goal this year is to:

3. Email my customers more

I have not been good at this because a) I don't have a good email system to reach all my customers, and b) most of all, I don't like bothering people with a bunch of emails.

However, if I think of it in a different way, I do love being in contact with our customers because they are awesome and I have gotten to know many of them through social media and emailing each other. AND I would love a way to share things that could benefit them. 

There are lots of email marketing companies out there and I'm trying to find the right one. This is an added expense, but in the end, if it helps me reach more people and help grow our business, so we can keep making and sharing our washcloths, then it's definitely worth the investment. 

A 4th goal is to (and yes, I'm cringing a little bit):

4. Make more videos for social media

If you know me, you know I don't like being in front of a camera. I am a pretty private person.

I don't like how it feels to put myself out there and to be vulnerable in this way. And as you know, social media can be a lovely place and an awful place. 

My customers and followers are always wonderful but if I put myself out there even more, to the masses, there will be plenty of room for criticism. So it's not easy, but I know I need to do more of this to extend our reach.

I know more exposure means more likely reaching people who can benefit from our washcloths.

I was shocked to find one of my YouTube videos has reached 28,000 views as of this morning. What? I know. It was the one about me using Olay's Retinol 24 on my rosacea-prone sensitive skin. 

I don't know how many orders have been a result of that, but I can tell you the only other video that reached any kind of views on YouTube or Instagram, was about 6,000 views and all others were anywhere from like 3 people saw it to 400 or more. 28k views is shocking.

If there really is value in making more videos, as much as I would like to avoid it, I will do it if it means saving our business.

Please help us spread the word

Well, that's what's real. 

I really want to keep running my small business and I'm going to be very intentional about these top 4 things I just shared with you, and really hope that from these things, I will see our business grow. I will keep you posted on how things are going throughout the year.

And if you are willing to help us spread the word about our washcloths, with the people in your circles, we would be extremely grateful!! 

And if you need some tips on ways to help us and your other favorite small businesses, because I know we can all use it right now, you can go back and listen to: 6 Ways to Help Your Favorite Small Businesses without Spending a Dime. You can also read the show notes for this episode on our blog, 

We would be incredibly grateful for your help!

>>>Shop here for Fairface Washcloths<<<


Just as a side note, 

in addition to the top 4 things I shared, I am also reviewing a few other areas of our business to see if changes would help us moving forward. 

These are things like: 

  • Whether to discontinue our Dual Washcloths with the flannel and terrycloth, even though they are a lot of people's favorite. I reach for those at night when I'm taking off my makeup. But they are a high cost washcloth to make in both time and materials. So that's something I'm considering.
  • I'm also looking into considering whether having our washcloths made by a local manufacturer instead of by me and our seamstresses, so I could focus on sales instead of production.
  • Also to review our online sales platforms and review costs and decide what to keep and focus on.
  • Lastly, and this is more of a bonus side note, that kind of feels a bit self-indulgent, really. And this will probably have to be on the back burner at the moment, in order to focus on my top 4 goals for the year. I've mentioned before, wanting to write a book. I actually have several book ideas and some I've already started writing.
    • It's something I've been wanting to do for a while, and have felt very drawn to. But it also feels like I shouldn't take the time to write, when I have more pressing matters for our business right now. 
    • But there are books I plan on finishing and publishing in the future. I plan on recording a podcast episode talking about what books have inspired me.

So, there you have it! 

The truth of what is. 

This truly is a pivotal year for us and one with a lot of decision making and a lot of hard work.

Some days I want to do whatever it takes to make our business work.

Some days it gets me down. I feel scared, I feel uncertain, I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel and I want to stay in bed and just feel all the fear. 

But the very fact that I'm sharing this with you today, is because I'm fighting for it. For myself and for you. 

I won't just walk away without doing everything I can, even if it's way out of my comfort zone, because I believe our washcloths are absolutely worth it, for each person they help. 

It would mean a lot to me if you would share our posts on social media, and if you're willing, share your own posts about our washcloths and how much they've helped you. 

If you tag us @fairfacewashcloths then we can find you and thank you!! 

Every way you help means the world to us!

We are so grateful to those of you who already share about us online and with your friends and family, and those of you who already buy from us and who have also gifted our washcloths to others!! It fills my heart with so much gratitude and we appreciate it so much!

Thank you so much for being here and for listening! We are so grateful to you for supporting our podcast! Please share it with anyone you think can benefit from it.

I wish you all the best with your dreams, and your hopes and goals in 2023! 

I'll keep you posted on our progress, as I do the hard things to step out of my comfort zone. Wish me luck! Your support means so much to me!

Be sure to stay tuned for our next podcast episode All about Tween and Teen Skincare with, as I said, my very first podcast guest, Patti Robinson! She is so lovely and it is full of helpful information. So stay tuned for that in February! 

Take care and I will see you next time!

The Fairface Podcast is brought to you by the founder of Fairface Washcloths, Shannon Sorensen. Thank you so much for listening and reading! Stay tuned for another episode soon!


Sensitive Skin Holiday Gift Guide

sensitive skin gifts Fairface Podcast
Fairface Podcast Episode 44

Sensitive Skin Holiday Gift Guide

Listen NOW or on your favorite podcast channel

Fairface Podcast transcript / show notes

holiday gift ideas for sensitive skin types
Hello my friends! Welcome back to another episode of the Fairface Podcast! I'm so happy you're here with me today! Happy December! We're 6 days in as of today and I'm sorry I'm getting this gift guide to you with only 19 days until Christmas Day. 

But if you're like me, and you haven't bought anyone's gifts yet... I hope these ideas can help. I've got some great skin care products that I personally recommend and that our Fairface Washcloths customers recommend. 

So if you are interested in giving skin care gifts this year that can be suitable for most anyone, you've come to the right place.

These skin care products that I'll be mentioning are made for sensitive skin so that also means they are much more likely to be safe and well tolerated for everyone because they are made to be more mild and non-irritating. 

So if you have people on your gift giving list like teachers, or people you don't know that well, these products are a safer bet than products that are not made with sensitivities in mind, because you don't always know what someone's skin will tolerate. 

So lets jump right in with our 

Sensitive Skin Holiday Gift Guide

Of course I'm going to start off with Fairface Washcloths

fairface washcloths for sensitive skin gift giving

Fairface Washcloths 

Not only are our soft flannel washcloths the only cloths I will ever use on my face because they are gentle and soft and won't cause irritation or damage to my sensitive, rosacea-prone skin, they also come highly recommended by our customers who come back and buy them time and time again.

BAILEY FROM INDIANA who has sensitive skin, redness, and Rosacea said, 

"In the past few years, my skin has become very sensitive and has a great deal of redness. The delicate washcloths feel so wonderful on my skin and do not irritate my face when I am removing makeup."

OLGA FROM NEW YORK who has oily, very sensitive skin, and Rosacea, said 

"Your washcloths are fantastic! They don't irritate my skin and are super soft!!! I really enjoy using them!"

DEBRA FROM MICHIGAN with Fair, Sensitive skin and Rosacea said,

 I LOVE Fairface Washcloths! They are so soft and smooth. I'm 63 and hadn't used a washcloth since childhood. They were all too abrasive for me. I always used my hands or in the last several years, a Clarisonic. Even with the most delicate brush my Clarisonic was too harsh so I stopped using it. I read about your products and decided to give it a try. I'm very happy I did! The washcloths provide the most delicate, mild exfoliation!

JENNIFER FROM NEW JERSEY with combination, acne-prone and easily irritated skin said, 

"I LOVE Fairface Washcloths because it wasn't until I tried the cloths out 2 summers ago that I realize I have been abusing/irritating my skin with cheap, toxic face cloths. I never paid attention to face cloths because my mom would always buy them in bulk whenever she visits her home country. At the time, I was solely focused on spending money on skincare and makeup, totally overlooking the products I was drying/wiping my face with. I realized that no matter how expensive the face wash or how soothing the ingredients used, without a soft/gentle face cloth, all that does not matter. I also noticed that other cloths always left my skin red, which is caused by the stiff, rough fabrics in cheap, regular face cloths. I can hear my skin letting out a sigh of relief whenever I use these washcloths! It is worth the extra money because my skin will thank me in 30, 50 years!

You can read more of our Fairface Washcloths reviews in our Etsy Shop, or on our website, under Reviews/Skin Care Stories

Since everyone should be washing their face gently, at least 2ce a day- once at night and once in the morning, a set of Fairface Washcloths are a great gift for anyone.

washcloths and face cloths for sensitive skin Fairface

You can choose our Soft Flannel Washcloths, that come in white or black (in 2 different sizes - 9x9 or 12x12):

Fairface Delicates (Sets of 2+, made with 2 layers of double-sided soft white flannel)

Fairface Darks (Sets of 2+, made with 2 layers of double-sided soft black flannel)

You can also choose our dual-sided washcloths-

Fairface Duals, are made with a soft flannel front and a scrubby terrycloth back. These come in white and are 11x11 size.  


gift ideas for christmas skin care washcloths

It's important to mention, our washcloths aren't thin and flimsy, we use really high quality flannel (and terrycloth for the Dual washcloths) so all of our washcloths have a thick, substantial and soft feel to them.

Fairface Washcloths are a great personal gift for:

  • Teachers, 
  • for your mom, 
  • for your sister, 
  • your friend, 
  • your daughter, 
  • your son, 
  • girlfriend, 
  • boyfriend, 
  • wife, 
  • husband, 
  • and even new moms to use as baby washcloths because they are so gentle. 

The last Fairface product I'll mention are our 

Fairface Silk-cotton Pillowcases

silk cotton pillow cases for christmas

These are my favorite pillow cases and I knew right away after sleeping on one, I wanted to start making them and selling them in our shop. They are soft and smooth and keep my skin feeling really good all through the night. I don't wake-up with creases on my face and I can see a difference in my skin and hair when I sleep on these pillow cases.

A few customers who have tried our Silk-cotton Pillow Cases have said,

"I bought these to protect my fine, curly (and recently bleached/colored) hair. So far, they've done a great job- in fact, they're the best I've bought yet. Highly recommend."

another said, 

"Very soft and I love it! I will purchase another one for my friend as a birthday gift!"

and another, 

"Absolutely love this pillowcase. Getting new pillows soon and will order again when I know size."

We only have a couple left in our shop, so if you want to try a Fairface Silk-cotton Pillow Case, head there now to see what we have left. 

Lets move on to some of the 

Other sensitive skin products that can also be great gifts, recommended by me and our Fairface customers:

Vanicream Gentle Cleanser

This is hand-down my favorite cleanser and many of our customers use it too. It is creamy, mild, cleans well and doesn't irritate. 

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream 

Wonderfully creamy and moisturizing. It is also my favorite moisturizer and many of our customers use this, as well as other CeraVe products. I use this on my face (it's not too heavy for me) and I also use it on my body.

Eucerin Daily SPF 30 

I have been using this every day for many years and I love its light weight formula. It doesn't irritate my skin and sinks into my skin without leaving a white residue.

Olay 24 + Retinol and Peptides 

I shared recently I started using this about 11 weeks ago and I love it. I love the soft way it goes on and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I've been using it every other night, followed by CeraVe moisturizing cream on top to stay well moisturized.

Burt's Bees Lip balm 

Some lip balms cause my lips to breakout, but this brand doesn't. I use this every night and have for years. My favorite is the one with Vitamin E and Peppermint.

Paula's Choice BHA9 

is my favorite spot treatment serum for sebaceous hyperplasia bumps. It doesn't make them disappear, but it helps them appear smaller. The serum is moisturizing and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

Additional sensitive skin care products recommended by our customers:

100% Pure's Cucumber Cloud Foam Cleanser and 

Annmarie Skincare's Ayurveda Scrub Mask 

Recommended by: Marsha from Connecticut with oily, acne-prone skin. TIP: only uses the scrub mask once a week

Rosacea Care Line's Ultra Gentle Cleanser, Night Cream, Moisturizer, and  Calming Cream 

Recommended by: Debra from Michigan, with very fair, sensitive skin and Rosacea. TIP: uses the calming cream less often because she doesn't care for the smell.

Shea Moisture's African Black Bar Soap and 

Leahlani Skincare's Bless Beauty Balm

Recommended by Jennifer from New Jersey, with combination, acne-prone skin that is easily irritated. TIP:  African Black Bar Soap takes off her makeup and cleanses well but she only uses it a little since it lathers a lot and can be drying.

L'Occitane Light Shea Butter cleanser, toner, and moisturizer

Recommended by: Amy from Virginia, who has had numerous skin issues throughout her life including severe facial acne, rosacea, and patches of eczema on her body. TIP: Said these products helped turn her skin around and her skin finally feels hydrated but not just on the surface.

She went on to say that with our soft Fairface Washcloths and the Shea butter line she's loving her face for the first time in a long time. It is still sensitive but these products have turned things around dramatically. 

Obagi Gentle Liquid Face Cleanser and 
Kiehls Skin Rescuer Moisturizer

Recommended by: Michelle from Sacramento, CA, with fair, rosacea-prone, red, sensitive skin. TIP: Skin Rescuer has worked especially well for her sensitive, red prone skin.

Glow Recipe Products &
Innisfree Facial Sheet Masks

Recommended by: Doris, from Texas, who suffers from sensitive skin and facial redness. TIP: found Glow Recipe on an early morning show, sent them an email with her skin care concerns, and they replied with a list of suggestions. She picked what really concerned her and hasn't looked back.

She goes on to say when she found our washcloths she was beyond relieved, and happy that she no longer had a red face. She said Fairface Washcloths have saved her face and she keeps them in stock and doesn't use anything else on her face.

She said, "Your washcloths love my skin, it's bright, clear and hydrated and has a nice glow to my skin. My facial redness is very rare now."

Avene's Antirougeurs line & Thermal skin water

Recommended by: Amanda from Minnesota, with Rosacea/Sensitive/Very dry skin in the winter. TIP: Uses their thermal skin water as a "toner". She said they're literally the only skin care products that soothe her skin, help minimize redness, and do not cause any irritation.

Roccoco Botanicals

Recommended by: Patti, a licensed esthetician in Portland, OR as well as a Fairface customer. FYI: She's also going to be a guest on an upcoming Fairface Podcast discussing all things Teen and Tween Skin Care, so stay tuned for that!

Aveeno baby wash and lotion

Recommended by a Fairface Washcloths customer. TIP: It's not just for babies!

Cleansed Pure and Simple

One of our IG followers and Fairface Washcloths enthusiasts, recommends her own brand of sensitive skin soaps, Cleansed Pure and Simple. Whitney states on her IG post that she started her company to provide safe, gentle and all-natural soaps for her family and daughters who have extremely sensitive skin. She makes all her beautiful soaps in small batches and uses gentle, natural ingredients.

Simple Micellar Water

Recommended by: Michelle from Pennsylvania, who's skin is prone to acne and rosacea. TIP: Uses Vanicream face wash, Fairface Washcloths and CeraVe moisturizer at night. Keeps her morning routine simple using Simple Micellar Water and CeraVe moisturizing cream. 

Shared this on her Fairface Washcloths review: "Tried these face cloths and absolutely loved them. This is my second time ordering now. If you're even thinking about ordering these do it. You won’t regret it. My skin hasn’t looked this good in over 20 years. It’s pretty amazing. Very happy to have found these. Thank you so much."

So that's my list of recommended products from myself and our Fairface Washcloths customers. 

All of these products would make great gifts this Christmas (or if you're listening to this another time, they would make great gifts any time of the year). 

If you have any questions about Fairface Washcloths or Fairface Silk-cotton Pillow cases, or questions about the other products and brands I use in my sensitive, rosacea, skin care routine (Vanicream, CeraVe, Eucerin, Olay 24, Burt's Bees, and Paula's Choice BHA9) feel free to reach out to me with your questions!

If you have questions about the other products recommended by our customers, I would recommend checking those brands out yourself, since I don't have a lot more information other than what they shared with me.

I hope this has been helpful to give you some gift ideas, as well as introducing you to some new products and brands to consider for your own sensitive skin. 

Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate it! I really appreciate you and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, and I'll see you in the new year!

We LOVE our Fairface customers and followers!!

Thank you for being here and thinking of us for your 

Christmas gift-giving this year! 

It means a lot to us!