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Pillow Talk for Rosacea and Sensitive Skin: Fairface Podcast Episode 19

best pillow case for rosacea and sensitive skin
Join me today, from my bedroom, where I get personal about pillow cases. 

Are you sleeping on the right pillow case for healthy skin and hair? Find out why a silk-cotton pillow case is just what you need to keep your sensitive skin (and hair!) looking and feeling your best.

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Full show notes will be available here soon! 

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8 Face Washing Tips for Healthy Skin - Fairface Podcast Episode 18

8 tips for healthy face washing - Fairface Podcast Episode 18
Fairface Podcast Episode 18: 

8 Face Washing Tips for Healthy Skin

Listen now or on Apple/Itunes , other channels here

or how about right now?

Fairface Podcast transcript / show notes

Hello there my friends! Welcome back to another episode of the Fairface Podcast. 

In our last eposide, "Do I really need to wash my face?", we talked about why it is important to wash your face. If you haven't listened to that episode, number 17, I would highly recommend it. I went into more detail about the benefits of face washing, and why it's important for healthy skin but here's a quick recap of the top 3 points.

1st, we discussed how there really is something on your face that you need to wash off, even if you can't see it.

2nd, we talked about how your skin can absorb what is on it, (meaning the harmful things like pollution, dirt, bacteria, left-over makeup, etc.) so it's not a good idea to leave it on there.

3rd, we discussed how dirty skin can actually block what can nourish it, and why it's important to give your face a clean slate.

So again, if you haven't listened to that episode, #17, Do I really need to wash my face?" make sure to go back and listen to that one too. 

Now in that last episode, I promised you an extra episode with 

8 Tips for Healthy Face Washing, 

so let's get to it

How to wash your face

The first tip for heathy face washing is

1. Wash gently. 

This first tip probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who follows along with us or uses our soft washcloths. Over-washing can be just as harmful, or even more so, than not washing your face at all. 

One of the tips we give our Fairface Washcloths customers, is to wash gently, without scrubbing their skin. A little gentle exfoliation is ok, but it becomes a problem when you are over-exfoliating the heck out of your skin thinking the harder you scrub, the cleaner it will be. 

What happens, is your skin can becomes red and ruddy - almost a pained perma-red coloring to your skin due to washing too harshly. An esthetician friend of mine in Portland said this is one of the problems she sees most often in her spa - over-exfoliated skin.

The redness is really due to micro tears that you create on your facial skin that can let the moisture escape and things like pollution, dirt, make-up and bacteria in to your skin.  

In face washing, there really can be too much of a good thing! Which, speaking of overdoing it, my husband and I were eating some of those gummy sour patch kids the other night and I could not stop grabbing just one more. I literally ate those until I had a stomach ache, and even after I had a stomach ache, I kept eyeing the bag thinking that I might have just one more. Really? 

So I finally had to say to my husband, please take these out of the room. Evidently I can't be trusted with those sour patch kids, but anyway, that's totally off topic about my unhealthy habits, but what I'm saying is, it really is possible to have too much of a good thing, so it's important not to overdo it with your face washing and just to use gentle products and methods.

And now you know that evidently I can't have just one sour patch kid.

The 2nd tip for Healthy Face Washing

2. It is recommended for most people to wash your face in the morning, and at night, and after you exercise and work up a sweat. 

This general rule applies to most people. You can refer back to our previous episode as to why this is important. So, at least make sure you're washing your face in the morning and at night, so that's 2ce a day, unless you exercise.

3. Use warm water to wash your face, not hot. 

Hot water can actually strip the healthy oils away from your skin and cold water washing, just doesn't do the job.

I recently shared on Instagram: 

Washing your face with warm water helps maintain healthy skin

When washing your face, water temperature matters


Cold water doesn't remove the grime effectively


Hot water can be too harsh and cause dryness


Warm water helps loosen the dirt while preserving the natural hydrating oils on your skin

I learned this information from Maffi Skin Care Clinics out of Arizona and I thought it was good information to create and share @mafficlinics 

The 4th tip for Healthy Face Washing

4. Use clean soft cloths to wash and dry your skin and not the same towels and washcloths you use on your body. 

This goes in line with #1, to wash gently but it goes a step beyond that. 

You should always be using a clean washcloth and clean towel on your face, that is different than the one you've been using on your body. 

In one word, bacteria. No one wants that. You don't want to transfer bacteria from your bath towel onto your clean face.

I didn't always do that, shockingly. 

I remember back in the day when I was a teenager and maybe even young adult, just grabbing the towel off the rack that I used for the week, and drying off, face and all. 

But the last several years, probably after being diagnosed with Rosacea, I became obsessed with always using a clean washcloth to wash my face and another clean cloth to dry my face every time I wash it. I can still use the same body towel throughout the week, but a clean cloth and clean towel for my face (and your face!) is a must.

5. If you wear a lot of make-up, or thick sunscreen on your face, you'll want to consider washing your face 2ce, which is also called double-cleansing. 

If you have ever washed your face and still see make-up on your drying towel, or you slathered thick sunscreen on your face and still feel it after washing once, it's best to wash your face again to make sure your face wash has totally removed the make-up or sunscreen. 

And take your time washing your face, this really could be its own tip. You want to give your cleanser time to do its job and loosen and pull away the make-up, sunscreen, dirt, and grime, away from your skin so you can wash it away with water.

The 6th tip for Healthy Face Washing

6. Stay away from products with fragrance, which is a common skin irritant, even for people without sensitive skin. 

This is a hard one for many people, because part of the draw of many skin care and hair care products is the lovely way they smell. I'll admit I do it too sometimes, I buy products for my hair and body with a scent, usually minimal scent, but I just never put anything like that on my face because my skin would not tolerate it.

Often my body skin can tolerate it or my hair but sometimes it can't. I put it on and think it will be fine and at some point my skin can start to itch and even get rashy. 

This can even apply even to "all natural" products that use flower extracts and natural sources for their scents. Some skin just can't tolerate fragrance, it's too irritating, and even if you don't have sensitive skin, you can still have a reaction to different scented products. If you just can't help yourself because it smells too good, I would just tell you to be aware, that there might be irritation, especially if you use it on your face.

7. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and water rather than using cleansing wipes. 

The reason I say this, is, a podcast I like listening to, @pureskintalk, Devyn, a licensed esthetician in CA, really nice person, really helpful, and always answers my questions when I reach out to her, she tells it like it is, and in a way you can understand....In one of her episodes, she talks specifically about not using face wipes because, essentially, they just smear everything around on your face and leave a residue behind. 

Without using a cleanser and water, it doesn't actually wash anything away and off of your skin. And that makes sense. She said some people still really like using face wipes and they would disagree with her, but I happen to agree with everything she said. I don't use face wipes on my skin. They probably would be irritating, first of all, and 2nd of all, I want to wash it off, and remove it, take it off of my skin.

I'll tell you some products I recommend to wash your face with in this last point.

The 8th and final tip for Healthy Face Washing

8. Pay attention to how your facial skin reacts to the products you're using. 

If your face wash causes redness or itching, or heaven forbid pain, stop using it. That's not what normal face washing should feel like. Washing your face should leave your skin feeling calm and hydrated. 

That's why I always like recommending what I call the, "Sensitive Skin DreamTeam", even to people without sensitive skin or who's skin has become sensitized due to pregnancy, skin procedures, or some bad skin care product reactions. 

best sensitive skin products - the Dream Team Fairface Washcloths, Vanicream cleanser, CeraVe cream

The sensitive skin dream team consists of 

(*see affiliate link disclosure below)

All of these products are made for sensitive skin and don't cause irritation. 

They are all gentle, effective products that I use myself.

It's okay to stop using something that doesn't work for you. I know it's hard, you feel guilty, "but I spent money on this." But what works for one person with presumably the same skin type, maybe you saw something on Instagram through an influencer, it might not work the same for you. 

You know your skin better than anyone and if something irritates or doesn't feel right, stop using it. There's no reason to keep using something that hurts your skin, thinking it's got to hurt to be working. That's not the case. The only exception I can think of is if it's something you and your skin care professional have discussed and it's supposed to be uncomfortable at first, but again, that's the only exception I can think of. If it hurts, stop using it.

If you have any face washing tips that work well for you, I'd love to hear them! Drop me a message or comment on Facebook or Instagram, where I tend to hang out the most, @FairfaceWashcloths is our handle.

I want you to make face washing something to look forward to. I, personally, love to come home and wash the day off, like Rachel Hollis has said she loves to do. 

The best nights are getting ready for bed early, where I wash my face, brush my teeth, and put on my pajamas before watching my favorite show, so that then when it's over, I can just climb into bed. Ahhh, that's a great, comfy feeling.

Thanks so much for being here! I really do appreciate it! I always look forward to sharing this time with you, and I hope you've learned something today. And I will see you next time!

*Affiliate link disclosure: We share links to our favorite products so you can find them quickly and easily. As an Amazon associate, we earn a small commission on products purchased through our links which helps us continue to share helpful skin care tips with you through this blog.

Do I really need to wash my face? Fairface Podcast Episode 17

Yes, you need to wash your face and why it's important Fairface Podcast Episode 17
Fairface Podcast Episode 17: 

Do I really need to wash my face? 

3 Down and Dirty Reasons Washing Your Face is Important

Listen now or on Apple/Itunes , other channels here

or how about right now?

Fairface Podcast transcript / show notes

Hello! Welcome back to a new episode of the Fairface podcast. Thank you so much, as always, for being here! I really hope you are doing well!

The sunshine is currently pouring in my window this morning, which is a welcome sight, since we've had a long stretch of rain, after we had our snow episodes, so it's really nice to see the sun shining, and the blue sky. I seriously can't wait to get outside and take a walk so I can soak in some of that sunshine and Vitamin D while I actually can!

You need to start washing your face, here are 3 good reasons
She Doesn't Wash Her Face

I had been wondering what topic to share with you this month, and then something happened yesterday, that pointed me in the exact direction I needed to go. 

I had just finished texting with someone close to me who doesn't wash her face (I won't tell you who, so I don't out her identity). She hasn't washed her face pretty much her whole life. 

Does she have nice skin anyway? Yes, she does, actually. And to my knowledge, she hasn't had acne issues or any other skin problems throughout her life.

But, lately, she has been dealing with dry skin and asked me for my advice, and what skin care products I was using so maybe she could try them too. 

Keep in mind I have sensitive skin and Rosacea, so my product recommendations are literally mild enough for even a baby to use, so I knew she would be able to use them without a problem, and only see the benefits. 

Start Washing your Face with These Products

Wash your face with these 3 great skin care products
With the goal in mind to help her retain moisture to her dry skin, I told her to first, start washing her face.

1. Wash with Vanicream Gentle Cleanser (because that's the one I use and love) and 

2. Use my favorite soft face cloths, Fairface Delicates made with double-sided, soft flannel 

3. And after washing, slather her face with CeraVe Moisturizing Cream (because it has ceramides that help protect your skin barrier, that's what I started using in December when my face was getting a little dry, and it did wonders and I'm still using it). 

I pretty much told her that if she would try this simple routine for a few weeks, her skin would start looking and feeling better pretty quickly. Keep in mind this was for a nighttime routine, but if for the morning, I would have added a sunscreen for sure.

I had to laugh, because this was her response to me, "but I have never washed my face and my skin has always looked great."

And then she went on to ask, "so, if I don't wash my face at night (see she's still trying to avoid washing her face) and I put the moisturizer on, that already has moisturizer on it from the morning and foundation on it, will the moisturizer really do anything?" (remember we're trying to help bring moisture back to her dry skin)

My answer, was, "you never want to put a moisturizer over the top of your leftover day and/or make-up, and sleep on it. The end. (yes, that was for dramatic effect, like a mic drop)

But then I continued anyway..."Any moisturizer you apply on dirty skin will just trap all the gunk underneath it and can age your skin and cause break-outs."

"Just wash your face and apply your cream and trap that moisture into your clean skin...And P.S., sleeping with your make-up on could be what's drying out your skin."

And she wrote back that it was probably the dry air from the cold climate and running the heaters 24/7.

And that's where we ended.

Do I think she stopped listening to me?
Yes. I think I lost her at, "wash your face" because I know that's not the answer she wanted...because she just doesn't like doing it, I don't know why.

Do I think she'll wash her face? I would say there's a 50/50 chance...well, maybe more like 70/30 chance she won't. Because I don't think she sees the value in it, because she's never washed her face and still has had clear skin, so why start doing that now? 

However, there is a current skin issue, which is dryness, that we're trying to help, so this is different.

Do I Really Need to Wash my Face?

To answer the question, 
Do I really need to wash my face?
The short answer is yes.

But, lets get to the WHY it's important to wash your face. 
Why it matters. 
Who knows, maybe I'll even convince her.

Why is it Important to Wash My Face?

Just because we can't see the dirt on our faces doesn't mean it doesn't need to be washed

The best way I can think of to explain why it's important to wash your face, is to give you a tangible example. 
Let's pretend everything looks like dirt.

Let's say you go outside and work in the garden and get your hands in the dirt, and as inevitably happens, dirt also ends up on your face when you rub the sweat off your forehead or try to move the hair out of your eyes, or as it always happens to me, suddenly my nose itches as soon as my gloves are deep in the dirt. Anyway, you get it, dirt ends up on your face and you can actually see the dirt on your face and skin.

You wouldn't then go inside and climb into bed without washing that dirt off your face, right? 

That actually reminds me of the scene in the movie, Fun with Dick and Jane, when he actually did get into bed covered in mud...have you seen that movie? It's an older one, but just as funny every time I watch it.

If you could see pollution on your skin, the same way you see physical dirt on your skin, you would wash it off.

If left-over make-up looked like dirt, instead of our skin color, people would be more likely to see a reason to wash their face.

If the dead skin cells, dust and bacteria on your skin looked like dirt, you would wash it off.

But because we generally can't see the pollutants, bacteria, and dead skin cells, it may not appear that there's really anything at all to wash off. But that simply isn't the case.

3 Down and Dirty Reasons It's Important to Wash Your Face

Why it's important to wash your face every day
The first quick and dirty fact (pun totally intended) for why it's important to wash your face, isn't just because I said so, 

1. The truth is, even if you can't see it, there is something on your face you need to wash off. The end. (drop the mic for dramatic effect) 

I keep picturing someone with mustard dripped on their face, like after eating a hot dog and just walking around with it instead of wiping it off. Pretend you have mustard on your face and wash it off.

The 2nd quick and dirty reason, for why washing your face matters, is

2. Your skin can absorb what is on it.

So if you go to bed (or wake-up in the morning) without washing off the dead skin, bacteria, dirt, pollutants, make-up, etc., all those contaminants can seep in thru your skin and age it - causing things like wrinkles & age spots and cause breakouts and other possible skin irritations.

I remember hearing on a skin care podcast, that just because you can't see damage to your skin right now, by sleeping with your make-up on, it doesn't mean it's not happening. Generally, you will see the effects from that later in life, start to appear on your skin. 

Dr. Jaber, a NYC Dermatologist was quoted as saying sleeping in your make-up is a really bad idea. Specifially, “It can significantly increase breakouts, acne, skin dryness, and irritation.” (the healthy . com)

Sleep is a wonderful time for skin cell growth and repair. I feel like it's kind of magical. While you're asleep, the blood flow to your skin increases, collagen is rebuilt and damage from UV exposure is being repaired. All of this helps to reduce signs of aging, and for your skin to recover and rejuvinate. It's pretty amazing.

Give your skin a clean slate to do all its healing and rejuvination. There are even skin care products that can help boost collagen production and aid in the skin cell repair, that do their best work on clean skin.

That takes us to #3 - the quick and dirty fact why you should be washing your face number 3 is that  

3. Dirty skin blocks what can nourish it.

skin care quote why face washing is important from Fairface Washcloths
Anything else you slap on your dirty skin (like putting on a moisturizer or serum or leave-on product without washing your face first) won't be able to penetrate as well thru the gunk (that's what I call it). It won't be able to give you the same skin healing benefits as it would have if your skin was clean and ready and able to absorb the nutrients and trap in the moisture because your outer skin layer is essentially "blocked", so to speak, by the gunk when you don't wash it.

"Skin is best nourished when it's clean." - Shannon Sorensen, Founder and CEO Fairface Washcloths for sensitive skin

I have learned a lot about a healthy skin barrier, and what I know, is that it's important to keep the outer layer of your skin healthy, so it keeps the important things in and keeps the harmful things out. 

Like an invisible crack of a dry, damaged skin barrier that lets pollutants in and lets the much needed moisture evaporate out. We want to keep your skin barrier strong and in tact and healthy so all the pollutants stay out and we keep that precious moisture in our skin.

So, do I really need to wash my face? The answer is yes.

WHY do I need to wash my face?

Let's do a quick recap:

1. Because there is something on your face you need to wash off (even if you can't see it).

2. Your skin can absorb what is on it, so, in basic terms, wash off the bad stuff. 

3. Dirty skin essentially blocks what can nourish it, so keep it clean. 

Do you wash your face? 

I'm not trying to shame anyone who doesn't, tho I am suprised when people tell me they don't. I just want to help educate, so we know why it is so important and beneficial to our skin. 

Be sure to listen to our next podcast episode, where I share 8 tips for healthy face washing, so that is a great next step to listen to after this.

best washcloths for your face

As a quick recap, here are the 

Gentle products I recommended, especially to those as a first step into the world of face washing:

1. Vanicream Gentle Cleanser, a nice creamy and gentle face wash
2. Fairface Delicate Washcloths - soft, gentle flannel washcloths for your face that are really soft and soothing and non-irritating
3. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, which can lock in that much needed moisture and has the ceramides which helps to protect and repair your outer skin layer, the skin barrier

I'd love to hear what your face washing routine looks like and how it's going for you. Have you always been a face washer? I have, myself, but I also know some who aren't. 

I hope that at least I have helped you see why washing your face is important and I would love to hear what you think about it.

You're welcome to send me a message, I'm over on Instagram a lot or Facebook, @FairfaceWashcloths and I'll be sure to get back to you.

And as always, thank you so much for being here! I really do appreciate it! Take care and I'll see you next time!

xo Shannon

Best Advice for Rosacea and Sensitive skin: Meet Shannon, the Founder of Fairface Washcloths

Founder of Fairface washcloths for sensitive skin Shannon Sorensen
Hello! I don't often put myself in blog posts or in my social media feed, but I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. 

I am Shannon Sorensen, the founder and CEO of Fairface, the maker of Fairface Washcloths for sensitive skin.

I thought I'd answer some of the questions I'm asked the most. If there's something you'd like to know, just ask! Find me on Instagram and Facebook @FairfaceWashcloths or you can email me through our website (links at the end).

Thanks for being here!


I live in the beautiful state of Washington with my wonderful husband, in a little suburb outside Seattle. 

I grew up in this area and migrated back to it because it just feels like home. It rains a lot, but is one of the most beautiful places in the world. From the clean air, to the mountains, oceans, lakes, on eastward to the lush farming country, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 


I wanted a big family, with lots of kiddos around me, but unfortunately we weren't able to have kids, even after going through invitro. But do I love kids? Yes I do! I cherish each of my nieces and nephews and love spending time with them. I spent many years of my life working in schools and even helped manage an after-school program of 125 children and loved being around those kids so much!


I love photography, riding my bike and spending time outside and exploring- whether it's walking through the woods, sitting by the ocean, getting out on the water, or up in the mountains. I also love watching home renovation and home organizing shows, spending time with my husband and family, and cozying up on the couch with a good movie and bowl of popcorn.


I have always had entrepreneurial ambitions, but I certainly didn't know this is where I would be today. I have always loved creating things and even had my own photography business for a while taking photos of people and selling landscape prints and cards, but for the most part, I had traditional jobs. What started as a sewing hobby 10 years ago, morphed into something much bigger and once I started making and sewing my skin care washcloths line, it just went from there.  


This may surprise you, but I have a Master's Degree in Human Development. My original goal entering graduate school was to eventually open my own counseling practice. While I didn't end up going down that path after grad school, I don't regret one minute of it because what I learned is applicable to my previous jobs, current business, and life in so many ways.


In case you didn't know, I have Rosacea (mild-moderate). I was diagnosed about 11 years ago. I have always had sensitive skin and the Rosacea just bumped it up - a lot! It was because of my Rosacea diagnosis that I created Fairface Washcloths in the first place!

I wash my rosacea prone skin with vanicream cleanser and Fairface Washcloths and moisturize with CeraVe cream
A few of my rosacea skin routine favorites: Vanicream cleanser,
Fairface Washcloths and CeraVe moisturizing cream



I wash my face with Vanicream Gentle Cleanser and a Delicate Fairface Washcloth. I apply a prescribed topical called metronidazole gel, followed by Vanicream's Lite Lotion or CeraVe's moisturizing cream and Eucerin's Daily SPF 30. I ALWAYS use daily SPF no matter what. Even if I'm just working inside.


I wash my face with Vanicream's Gentle Cleanser, and a Fairface Dual washcloth. After washing and patting dry, I apply my topical medication. Sometimes I use the metronidazole gel morning and night, but right now I'm using Azelaic acid at night. 

Next I slather my face with CeraVe's moisturizing cream. For any excess eye make-up, I use Neutrogena or Target brand oil-free eye makeup remover with a Fairface Dark washcloth or a soft kleenex, and for unwanted bumps I apply a small amount of Paula's Choice BHA 9 as a spot treatment. I want to start incorporating a Vitamin C and retinoid, but am hesitant because I don't know how my skin will tolerate it. That's on my Derm-to-do list! Oh, and I love to use Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm with Vitamin E & Peppermint Oil on my lips every night.


I keep my make-up routine pretty simple. I use eye-liner (usually Maybelline) and mascara (usually Loreal) on my eyes, and Mary Kay medium coverage foundation. Unfortunately, this foundation that I love and have been wearing for years was discontinued, so I may branch out and try IT cosmetics when I run out. 

And that's pretty much it. I don't use eye shadow or blush, I already have a little pink showing through my cheeks and that's enough for me!


You are beautiful just as you are. God doesn't make mistakes
You are beautiful exactly the way you are.
God doesn't make mistakes.

This could be a blog post all its own, honestly! I've learned so much over the years of what has helped me.

1. I would say, first of all, if you are struggling with your skin, know that you are not alone. 

I know how hard it can be when you are in the middle of it and don't know what to do to make it better. If possible, find a licensed Dermatologist or Esthetician to help you. You can be your best advocate. You don't need to suffer or feel alone. It can make all the difference.

2. I would also recommend reviewing and simplifying your skin care routine and only using GENTLE products. 

Quite often sensitive skin and Rosacea can't tolerate many of the mainstream skin care products that are out there. I know it can be tempting to use cleansers and lotions that smell good, but those are usually the ones that leave your skin irritated. Make sure to check the ingredients in your foundation too, if you wear make-up.

Try skin care products made for sensitive skin like Vanicream Gentle Cleanser and Lite lotion or CeraVe's moisturizing cream. Those are basic and gentle and don't have any irritants in them so it can help your skin to calm down.  

3. I would also recommend getting rid of anything with harsh textures you've been using against your skin. 

Things like electronic brushes, microfiber cloths and even baby washcloths can be irritating to sensitive skin. Just use your fingers or use our smooth, soft face cloths that are made for sensitive skin and don't irritate.

4. Also change your pillow case often (I sleep on a clean side every night). 

It adds a little more laundry, but can help keep your skin more calm and clear. We are coming out with some amazing new Silk-Cotton pillowcases that are a true luxury for your skin and hair. I'll share a link once they are available.

5. And above all, try to love and accept yourself just as you are. 

I know this may sound trite and can be easier said than done, but work on it until you believe it. You are beautiful exactly as you are. God doesn't make mistakes.

See, I told you I could write a blog post just on this question!

If you have any other questions for me, please feel free to reach out through Instagram and Facebook @FairfaceWashcloths or email me through our website. I'd love to connect with you! I always say we have the BEST customers and followers and I truly mean it! 

Thanks again for being here! xo Shannon

To shop my favorite washcloths for sensitive skin: 

What's the difference between Fairface Dark Washcloths vs Fairface Delicate Washcloths?

what's the difference between sensitive skin washcloths Fairface Darks and Whites?
Welcome to our Fairface Washcloths Q & A!
We thought it might be helpful to share some of our frequently asked questions about our soft washcloths for sensitive skin, so those of you who have been wondering the same things, can get your answers before you even have to ask! 

Today's question comes to us straight from our email inbox. One of our new customers was trying to decide whether to try our black flannel washcloths (Fairface Darks) versus our white all-flannel washcloths (Fairface Delicates).


Q: What’s the difference in softness between the Fairface Delicates and the Fairface Darks washcloths?


I would say there is a slight difference between the Fairface Darks (made with soft black flannel) and Fairface Delicates (made with soft white flannel) mainly because the black dye adheres to the flannel fibers, and there is no dye on the white flannel.

The dark cloths are a tad bit thicker, but both are plush and substantial.

Our customers honestly like both, and it really comes down to a matter of preference.

I, personally, mainly use the white cloths and find them ever so slightly softer, but that's just my preference. One customer thought the black cloths were slightly softer, so go figure! :)

The SIMILARITIES between Fairface Dark Washcloths and Fairface Delicate Washcloths are:

  • Both washcloth styles are made with 2 layers / 2 sides of thick, plush, soft flannel
  • No scratchy seams or edges (and even soft satin labels!) for all over softness
  • Our Darks and Delicate washcloths both come in 2 sizes, 9"x9" or 12"x12"
  • Both are made with the highest quality and softness for sensitive skin

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8 ways to calm Rosacea redness this winter - Fairface Podcast Episode 16

Prevent Rosacea redness with these 8 tips
Fairface Podcast Episode 16: 

8 ways to calm Rosacea redness this winter

Listen now or on Apple/Itunes  or other channels here

Fairface Podcast transcript / show notes


Hello! It's nice to get to spend some time with you again today. I want to talk to you about something that affects those of us with Rosacea - especially at this time of year, when the weather is colder, and the temperatures are lower and how we can protect our skin from the redness that seems to plague those of us with Rosacea.

Rosacea during a cold power outage

Protect Rosacea skin during a storm
The reason I'm choosing to discuss this topic today, is because of a crazy experience we just had here in the Seattle area. At the beginning of this week, a major storm rolled through that left thousands of us without power, and some areas with damaging flooding.

The wind, I tell you, was literally like something out of the Wizard of Oz. I wondered several times through the night if our roof was going to rip off or if our house, just cave in, or if our house was going to crack in half and fall over. I am not kidding, I haven't felt wind gusts that strong against our house before, and it was very unsettling in the black of night, as the rain pelted the windows. 

We were without power from Tuesday night at midnight, the 2nd time the power went out, until Thursday morning at around 10:30am. So even though it didn't last a really long time, thankfully, being in the dark and cold was a very sobering experience to the things we take for granted like heat and light. My husband joked with me that we might not have made very good pioneers if we couldn't hack this. And I kind of agreed.

Let me tell you, the air got very cold in our house, our house is usually pretty cold anyway, but it felt very cold without any heat. And the darkness got very dark. Every night, and I mean it was 2 nights, but it felt like an eternity, when the sun started to set, a sinking feeling came over me thinking, "Oh no, night has begun again"... and I knew that it was about to get even darker and colder...and that, my friends, was only at yah, it did feel like an eternity.

So I wore wool socks, a fleece robe over my clothes (sometimes a couple layers of clothes), and a fleece hat or at one point a wool scarf over my head. And this was while I was in the house during the day.

And at night, I pretty much just doubled up or added on to whatever I had been wearing during the day. I layered on blankets and wore that scarf over my head the whole night and it took the edge off the frigid temperatures, but my face was still cold the whole time and bright rosy pink. 

It's the kind of cold that almost has a smell to it, if you even know what I mean, and it almost hurts. So even though I kept my body warm for the most part, my face was persistently cold and red - there really was no way to balance the temperature. Even when I got into my car to blast the heat to take the edge off, because I was freezing, my face would then end up just getting hot and even more red because of the extreme temperatures.

So, it wasn't just the extremes in temperatures, which most people's skin can handle, it really was also my Rosacea. 

How temperature and weather effects Rosacea

How the thermostat affects Rosacea flushing
For those of us with Rosacea, weather can be tricky to manage. In the summer it's trying not to get too hot, and in the winter it's kind of a double-whammy, because we're trying not to get too cold, but also trying not to get too hot in order to combat the cold. 

When we get too hot, our face can flush from the heat.
When we get too cold, our face can get red from the cold and then flush even harder from warming up - going from one extreme temperature to the next. 

I remember when I used to go skiing, my face would be exposed to the cold and the sun all day. And then when I would come in from the day of skiing, my face would go from red and frozen to really red and hot. I just figured it happened to everyone and my extra rosy cheeks were just proof of my day on the slopes...and yet no one else's face looked as cherry red as mine but I also have fair skin, so I figured maybe their redness just wasn't as noticeable as mine.

Well, I know that was kind of a dramatic introduction, but this has been a dramatic week. That is real. 

I have Rosacea - why does my face get so flushed and red?

Red faced man with rosacea
But here's the thing about redness and Rosacea -

Many people with rosacea have often had a tendency to blush and flush throughout their lives. Yep, I'm raising my hand, that is also me.

I didn't know that easily blushing and flushing was one of the earliest signs of Rosacea. I knew it happened to me as a child, teen, young adult...basically always, and just figured it was more noticeable on me because of my fair skin.

But here's the thing, while the average person may blush or flush, it tends to go away rather quickly, but with Rosacea, once our face gets flushed and sometimes really flushed (I look like a tomato when I exercise) it tends to take a lot longer for that redness to go away.  

What I learned from the American Academy of Dermatology, is that 
  • without treatment for Rosacea, this flushed redness to the skin can begin to stay a little longer and a little longer each time it occurs 
  • and may start to appear on even more of your skin 
  • This facial redness can become permanent, along with things like visible blood vessels on the face, and thickening of skin, all of which can become more difficult to treat over time. 

The key for keeping Rosacea calm in the winter (and honestly, you can apply this to any and all seasons - because it is always relevant any time of the year), is to try to keep your flushing as infrequent as possible.

Now because we know temperature differences have such an impact on the skin, in the winter, it's about trying to keep your temperature as even as possible, during these colder months, meaning you're trying not to get yourself too cold, and you're trying not to get too hot, to make up for that difference. 

AND keeping your flushing to a minimum really goes beyond just temperature, because we know flushing can be caused by different triggers, specific to each of us- like emotional stress, alcohol, spicy foods, whatever you know your triggers to be that can cause your skin to get flushed and red...which can then lead to a flare including welts and bumps, the pustules and papules and all that fun stuff. Which is not fun. It's really not fun at all, that's the truth.

8 tips to help relieve Rosacea flushing this winter
8 Tips to prevent and calm your Rosacea redness

8 Tips to help calm your Rosacea and prevent flushing and Flares

So I wanted to share some tips with you today to help you keep your Rosacea skin calm and try to prevent those flushes and flares, especially right now during the winter months. So I'm going to go through those with you right now.


We've covered this a lot. Just avoid the temptation to blast the heat when you are cold, and don't be the first to sit in front of the roaring fire because your face is going to get too hot. I find my face gets hot before my body does. So avoid the temptation to blast the heat in the car, to sit next to the heater, to turn it up to 80, just try to warm up slowly so your whole body and your face can just come up to a better temperature more slowly, instead of an extreme. 


Avoid cranking up the hot water. Again, any blasting source of heat can cause major flushing.


I love dressing in layers so I can add on something or take off something as needed if I'm feeling too warm or too cool. My mom and I like to bake together and I know that when we're going to have double-ovens on in her kitchen, it's going to be warmer. I often will wear a t-shirt with a cardigan so in case I start getting really hot, I can take the cardigan off and still be comfortable and maintain my body temperature.

4. WEAR WOOL SOCKS to regulate your body temperature. 

Did you know wool is a great temperature regulator? I happen to love the wool trail socks from Costco. They are just the right weight for different shoes. I get some of these new wool socks every year and wear them pretty much every day. I love these socks and wool socks are the way to go if you're trying to regulate your temperature so you don't get too hot and you don't get too cold.


Bringing a scarf to place over your face and head when you are outside (beyond pandemic face mask wearing) can help protect your skin from the elements. Just like I wrapped my head and face with my scarf that I had been wearing the last few days, it helps to keep your temperature regulated. It also can help against windburn (ouch, that sounds horrible). So, it can protect your face from wind and cold temperatures so you can put it up against your face and wrap it around your head if you want to, or you can pull it away if you're starting to feel a bit warm. 

Wearing a scarf is a really versatile way of helping to manage and block the wind and the cold from your face, especially if you have to be outside...mainly if you have to be outside. I think it would be weird if you were sitting inside, well, unless you were like me in the dark and the cold, in a power outage...but it would be odd to be putting a scarf over your face... well, you know what? I take that back because we're in a pandemic so it wouldn't be weird at all! Do whatever you're going to do with that scarf! Ha! That's what I have to say.


The truth is, you are the only one who knows your skin the very best, so you can decide how much exposure your skin can handle. And just judge according to that.


With Rosacea discussions, you hear triggers a lot and triggers are anything that makes you flush or can bring on a Rosacea flare. Triggers are very personal. There are some that are very common to a lot of people, but then there are some that are just more individual to each person. 

Beyond heat and cold, things like alcohol, hot drinks, salsa, stress, whatever your triggers are that can cause you to flush, which can lead to worsening symptoms, just try to avoid them and it will keep your skin more even.

This is one of the most important things you can do for Rosacea:


Your skin barrier, meaning the outer layer of your skin. If your skin barrier is healthy, you can bare these different extremes that much better. Dry, red, cracked skin will be in much worse condition to face these additional challenges, like temperature, and other triggers, than well maintained, nourished, moisturized skin.  

To keep your Rosacea-prone skin barrier healthy, follow a GENTLE CLEANSING AND MOISTURIZING ROUTINE that ALWAYS INCLUDES SUNSCREEN 365 days a year. And yes, a lot of those words are in all CAPS. You know I'm obsessed with sunscreen, but all of these things are so important to keep your skin barrier healthy.

The products we recommend for Rosacea and sensitive skin types include:


Fairface Delicate Washcloths with soothing, soft, double-sided flannel - there's nothing abrasive. These cloths are all I use on my Rosacea. And they don't irritate my skin. They are soft and gentle. Think of it as a step beyond using your fingertips. 

These are great face cloths that I 100% recommend. They are gentle enough for Rosacea and sensitive skin. That's why I made them in the first place and I use them every day for myself.

Along with that, you need a gentle face wash. 


Gentle is the key word here. Nothing with fragrance or irritants. I recommend wholeheartedly, Vanicream gentle cleanser, it doesn't have any fragrance or any irritants. I use this every day and night and love it. My sister was having trouble with her skin, feeling really dry and sensitive, and I told her to try Vanicream gentle cleanser and she is now a believer. She uses it every day too. She didn't have sensitive skin before she started having trouble, her whole life she didn't have sensitive skin, but her skin had become more sensitive and more irritated. 

If you're having trouble with your skin, I would suggest trying Vanicream gentle cleanser and the soft Fairface Delicate washcloths and I think you will very quickly see how much better your skin looks and feels after getting rid of the things that have been irritating your skin that you've been using before.

The next thing you need for sure after washing your face gently, is a 


I've learned a lot about moisturizers the last month as I've looked into what ingredients are good for the skin. 

CeraVe moisturizing cream, is amazing and I've started using that recently. It comes in a tub, I take a scoop, and slather it on my face at night and it feels amazing. It's nice and thick, but not heavy. Sometimes for day moisturizer I've been using Vanicream's Lite Lotion, but sometimes, maybe it's just the winter months, but sometimes the Vanicream Lite Lotion doesn't give me quite enough moisturizing, and so I have reached for the CeraVe and I love it. So if you want to try using the CeraVe moisturizing cream both day and night, you could definitely try that. That is a moisturizer that I would definitely recommend. It has ceramides that can help in the maintenance and the health of your skin barrier, so definitely try that. 

And always, always...


Even though it's winter, even on the dark days, even if it's snowing, even if it's raining, even if it's cloudy. Literally, this is something that every dermatologist that I've ever heard anywhere, or speeches that I've read or articles that I've read, everyone always says how important it is to wear sunscreen, every single day of the year. Just make it a habit, and that is something that I have done. 

I've been using Eucerin Daily SPF 30 on my face for many years now and that works for me. I know that dermatologists recommend a bunch of different types of sunscreens that would be appropriate for Rosacea and sensitive skin. This is the one that I use and it happens to be ok on my skin and doesn't irritate it. I do think I am going to start trying a couple of different face SPF's just to see what the difference is, since I've been using this one for so long. This does work for me and I use it every day on my face religiously.

The last thing I recommend as far as keeping your skin barrier healthy, is to 


if they have been prescribed for you. Now is not the time to stray from your normal routine, as far as stopping topical medications on your face. I still use the generic Metro Gel every morning. I was told by my dermatologist in my last virtual visit, I asked her if I could ever stop using the medication and she said Rosacea is a chronic condition so don't stop using the medication. 

I'm sure some people have different views about medication. Some people don't choose to use topical medications and that is totally fine. I have no judgement and I hope you don't have judgement towards me, that's just what I choose to do and it works for me, so I continue it.

Like I said, if you have been given a medication, whether it's topical or ingested, if your dermatologist has given you a medication, just continue on that routine. If you are having trouble, you can go back and see them and make sure they're ok if you go off of it, or need to adjust it. 

There is no need to suffer through troubled skin. I highly recommend reaching out to a skin care professional, whether it's a licensed esthetician or a licensed dermatologist, just getting the help you need, because there really is no need to suffer. 

That brings us to the end, of this discussion. I really hope you learned some helpful tips to help you manage your Rosacea and the redness during this colder time of year. 

Like I said, these tips really apply to all seasons. With Rosacea, we are always trying to adapt and protect our skin at the same time, every day of the year. 

If you have any of your own tips or favorite products to share, I would love to hear from you, please let me know!

To shop the products I've mentioned: 

Try Fairface Washcloths by shopping our website:

I have found the Vanicream cleanser and Lite lotion, CeraVe moisturizing cream and Euerin SPF 30 at stores like Target, Walgreens and Bartell Drugs. So whatever stores like that are closer to you, you could reach out and see if they carry those items.

That's it for today, I hope you have a great week, and I hope your weather stays nice and nobody has a blackout, like us! But things are back to normal and honestly, I feel SO grateful. The minute the power came back on was like, you just realize I know that I had been taking these things for granted and the deep gratitude that I have for the heat and the light, for all the blessings that electricity brings into our lives, I'm feeling the gratitude!

So, take care of yourselves, take good care of your skin and I will see you next time!

A look back and look ahead: Fairface 2020 and 2021 - Fairface Podcast Episode 15

Fairface Washcloths year in review 2020 and whats ahead in 2021
Fairface Podcast Episode 15: 

A look back and look ahead: Fairface 2020 and 2021

Listen now or on Apple/Itunes  or other channels here

Fairface Podcast transcript / show notes

Hello my friends! How are you doing? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, or whichever holiday you celebrate. The sun is shining today! I know some of you get sun most every day but here in Seattle it is definitely something to celebrate!  I am currently looking out the window at a blue sky and very few clouds and it is glorious. 

Today is September...(oops ha!), it's December 28th to be exact, and our Christmas tree is still up, decorations are out, things are a little disassembled in the house but I'm thinking we'll get it cleaned up and put away this week. 

Do you keep your tree up past Christmas or put it away right away? Some years I like to keep it up even the first week of January and other years I'm just ready to put it away right after Christmas. This year I feel a little push to get to the new year already...and get things put away. So we'll probably do that this week. How are you feeling this year? I hope that you had a wonderful holiday.

I also want to take a minute to thank each of you who purchased Fairface Washcloths, our other products like our mini facial pads and face masks for yourselves and as holiday gifts! We are so grateful for your support. 

Many of you are long-time customers and it warms my heart so deeply that you continue to come back and support us and love our products. And for those of you who are new to Fairface - it is a pleasure to have you join us and I'm so grateful for your business. I actually tried to make a little thank you video on IG and got choked up and didn't post it because I was too emotional. And crying online isn't my favorite thing to do. Just know that your support has meant everything to us. And I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

New Fairface Product Updates

As far as our new products go, the timing didn't work out to get them launched before the holidays, but that's ok, we'll just continue moving forward. Our product labels did arrive this month, so we have everything we need to move forward on several of our new products, so that's exciting.

For those of you who have been following along with our new upcoming products, I can give you some basic updates.

For the cotton-silk pillow cases, I have cut out a bunch of the cotton-silk pillow cases and have cutting on the schedule for the stretchy bamboo headbands and hair scrunchies. 

I find it is best to batch tasks, like I do all the cutting at one time, then all the serging, then all the top stitching if that's needed, for each product. 

After I get everything cut I'll start batching that particular product, so I'll batch the sewing, then work on product packaging and inserts. So we're still a little ways out, but just taking one step at a time and we will definitely keep you posted.


A look back at 2020 and look ahead at 2021

I wanted to take a quick look back at our year 2020, and a peek ahead at what's coming next year in 2021. For as crazy a year as it has been, I'm surprised at all that we've accomplished. I hope you can take a little time to see what you have accomplished this past year. It may surprise you. 

Whether it's as simple as you taking the calendar out and reviewing each month as you flip through the calendar, I think things will come back to your mind of things that you've accomplished that might give you a better sense of well-being and accomplishment. That this whole past year was not just a waste, although it did feel very strange, and months kind of crept by and flew by at the same the whole year disappeared, until you take time to look through what you have done each and every month, that really was more significant than I think you think it was, so I hope you can take time to do that. 

Fairface Podcast

This year, 2020, is the year I started this podcast! It seems a lot longer ago than this, but our first episode launched in February, and, I actually posted 5 episodes that first month. What can I say, I was on a roll! Then I posted every month or so, spread them out a little more, with a total of 14 episodes posted and this will make the 15th podcast episode for the year. So I think it's a good start for something that I just decided to start this year. 

For this next year, for our podcast, I am going to try to stretch myself a bit more than I have. My goal is to start having guests on who can share their expertise and opinions on skin care, particularly for sensitive skin conditions. I have to say, it pushes me way out of my comfort zone, but I feel like it's important for me to grow and important information to share with you. So I'm going to put that on my goals list, for 2021. If you have any topics in particular or people that you want to hear from, like different skin care professionals, please send me a message and let me know. That would be helpful so I can give you information that would really be helpful to you.

Fairface Face Masks

In April of this year, we started making face masks, in addition to our other products. It was a scramble to get fabric and elastic in, since many vendors were out of stock. There was such a high demand all of a sudden. 

I created a pattern and made some masks with our soft flannel and some without (2 layers of woven cotton). Because we didn't really have options to go out and find models or anything, I took photos of me and my husband and later my niece wearing masks for our listings. 

Since our usual printer wasn't available, I created product inserts and just printed them myself. It was pretty amazing how many companies joined the movement to make masks and do what they could with what was available. I think you just had to be innovative and do with what you had and people were very receptive of the things that we could provide.

Using Grapeseed Oil on my Rosacea-prone skin

I tried a new skin care product in August, which may not sound like much, but it is a big deal for for me. Since having sensitive skin and Rosacea, I really stick with what I know. That's the truth. 

But this year I tried Grapeseed oil. Unfortunately, for me, it wasn't something that worked. Although, the esthetician I purchased it from said that many people, many of her clients with Rosacea, actually really love it and use it long-term. So, it might actually work for you, so don't disregard it because of my experience.

But unfortunately for me, whether my skin was really dry or another product that I was using on my skin had an adverse reaction to the grapeseed oil, I'm not sure what it was, but my skin itched and broke out, so I stopped using it on my face. 

I still have it in my bathroom cabinet to use on my hands and arms if I want to do that, but I also found another new product I love, which I'll share more about in a minute. But if you're interested in reading the blog post about my experience with Grapeseed Oil, you can read that on That's where I've written about how I used it and what happened and all of those things.

New upcoming Fairface Website

So the next big task on the list for the upcoming 2021 year is moving our current website to another platform. I've been wanting to move our website from our current format and migrate it to another host for a long time. And in particular, because Shopify seems to be something that is highly recommended by other online businesses, I think that is where I'm going to migrate the website so that it will be more streamlined and user friendly and hopefully a simpler process to find exactly what you need. I know our website, isn't the most user friendly and I have wanted to change that for a long time. 

So for this coming year, that is on our list and I hope to get that, whether it takes 3 months or 6 months, we're still going to try to do that so it becomes a better, easier shopping exerience for you. 

New Fairface Blogging Goals 

I also wanted to up my blogging game, if you will. Blogging is a love/hate really because it's kind of like writer's block. Sometimes blog ideas come easily and other times they don't. And it's kind of like hitting a wall where it's hard to think up different ideas that would truly be helpful for you. 

I recently finished posting the show notes for our last podcast, and will continue to provide those for each episode. Although it takes a lot of extra time to document each episode, I also understand some people are more readers than listeners, so I want to provide the information for everyone.

In addition to those posts, I really want this next year to blog at least once a month, and my intention is there, I just need to plan it out, so hoping for the best! And, I will plan it out so that it won't just be a hope, it will be a to-do.

Launching our New Fairface Products in 2021

This past year we also started working on new products, which is awesome. I've been feeling that itch to go beyond our washcloths, which are amazing, and to expand and offer even more great products. 

I am passionate and driven to bring you more products for sensitive skin, because I know what it's like, and I test the products out myself. Since it's a long road to launching a new product, as I talked about in the last couple episodes, we'll be lauching many, if not all of our new products in 2021, so it will be very exciting and be sure to stay tuned for that!

In regards to new products, I do have to say that I feel very lucky that I was able to get the fabrics that I need, during a pandemic, when the supply chain was halted and people were not comfortable or able to go back into work. My distributors said they were having a hard time getting materials and some of them may not come in for months and months. 

The fact that I was able to get some and start developing new products was really quite amazing. Definitely hats off to all the people who made an effort to go back to work so all of us can get the products and things that we need in our homes, in addition to businesses. 

I have been really impressed with the way small businesses, and really small and large, have handled these challenging times. Some businesses have had to close, and others were able to pivot to a different way of delivering their goods. I am proud to be in a community of like minded people who really do their best to continue serving so we can provide the products that we do. I'm just grateful for so many things this past year. 

My new favorite sensitive skin / Rosacea moisturizer - CeraVe Cream

I told you I was going to share another new skin care product I tried this year, and it's actually something I tried just this month, December, and have been using it for a little over a week now. It's CeraVe's moisturizing cream. The one that comes in a tub with the white and blue packaging. I realized it's pronounced "CeraVee" instead of "CeraVay". I think I was trying to be too fancy...but it is pronounced "Ceravee".

The lady at Bartell said the cream is for your body, but I use it on my face...and on the jar it says it can be used on your face or body. This particular brand and product was recommended by a couple of dermatologists on a skin chat with CeraVe. I've listened to a couple of their discussions and they've been really helpful. You can check those out on Instagram. If you just look up CeraVe on Instagram you'll find, I'm assuming, all of those chats have been recorded. They're really good.

I've started following a few of those dermatologists on Instagram and find their information really useful, so I would suggest that as well. I really love to learn about the skin and how it works and how all these skin care products and ingredients effect and help the skin. So, knowledge is power, as they say, and I really enjoy learning all of these things.

If you've been following me, you know that I am a big fan of Vanicream products, and I still am. I still use their gentle cleanser every day in the morning and at night. But the Lite lotion, I don't know if it's just this time of year, where the air is a little bit drier because of the cold or the drier air in our homes because of running heaters all the time, but I found the Lite lotion just wasn't quite giving me the moisture I needed on my face.  

I even tried mixing a little of Vanicream's cream with the Lite lotion and I don't know how to describe it, it just felt a little uncomfortable on my skin. I don't know if it's something in the cream or that it's too heavy...the CeraVe cream feels really good on my face. It doesn't feel sticky or heavy or greasy, it just feels really moisturizing so I'm going to keep using it. 

If you're not familiar with CeraVe cream, it has, listed on the package in the ingredients, it has, "3 essential ceramides that moisturizes and helps to restore the protective skin barrier" and it does feel really good on my skin and like I said, it provides the moisture that I need, especially right now in the colder, drier months.  

I think I'm going to do a podcast on what ceramides are and what they can do for your skin - in particular as it relates to Rosacea and protecting your skin barrier, which is ultra important for those of us with Rosacea.

Are you feeling hopeful?

I'm sure there have been other things I'm forgetting that have happened this past year and even in thinking of things coming up this next year, I'm sure I have not touched on all of them. I just kind of wanted to share what came to mind when I was looking back and as I'm looking forward.

Are you feeling hopeful for the year ahead?
Does it feel different to you going into this new year?
I ran across an Instagram post from a new mom who was feeling particularly down and reminded each of us that it's ok to feel sad, or worried, or scared or uncertain, or whatever it is that you're feeling. This has been a tough year and each of us has gone through our own things. It just reminds us to give more grace to each other and be more compassionate because we don't know what this year has been like for anyone but ourselves, and their experiences might look very different from ours.

But I hope you can still see a light at the end of the tunnel, and feel hope for your future and for the year ahead. I think we'll all take different lessons with us into this new year. 

I wish all of you a very happy and healthy new year and start to 2021! And as always, I'm so grateful that you're here and I will check in with you next time and hopefully bring you some really great new episodes in this coming year.

Happy New Year and I will see you again soon!