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Fairface Washcloths
Fairface Washcloths™ were recently voted as a TOP PICK from beauty editor Emily Ferber at Into The Gloss! Made for sensitive skin, but loved by all, the soothing properties of Fairface Washcloths™ make them a must-have for any skin care routine.

Soothing, skin-calming fabrics offer relief from further irritation and redness that the harsh textures of regular washcloths can cause. Whether you suffer from red, dry, irritated skin, Eczema, Acne, Rosacea, Dermatitis, or other sensitive skin conditions, Fairface Washcloths™ can offer you gentle, soothing relief.

Only the finest and softest 100% cotton face-friendly fabrics are used to create a soothing and gentle wash, & no harsh textures. Fairface Washcloths™ come in convenient packages of 2 and are affordable for any budget. Experience the pleasure of happy skin with Fairface Washcloths™!

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Don't Sabotage your Clear Skin!

how to prevent break outs, how to prevent acne, prevent rosacea, clear skin
photo by marin
It's a common mistake many people make, even after trying SO hard to keep their face clear!

Don't miss this 1 Easy Way to Prevent Break-outs

Hello to Healthy Skin / Goodbye to Puffy Eyes! NEW SOOTHING + COOLING Fairface Washcloths SUMMER GIFT SET!

*NEW* Fairface Washcloths™ 
Summer Gift Package!
get rid of puffy eyes cure for puffy eyes cool down skin sensitive skin face cloths
Soothe your skin and get rid of that pesky eye puff! ©FairfaceWashcloths

Say hello to healthier looking skin 
goodbye to tired, 
puffy eyes!

These luxurious, beaded cooling face masks are a refreshing way to beat the summer heat, soothe tired, puffy eyes and give headaches the boot!

After just 10 minutes in the freezer, or 60 minutes in the refrigerator, they're ready to use; helping to get rid of puffy tired eyes, relieve headaches, cool down or de-stress.

And not to be outdone, our gentle Fairface Washcloth™ will soothe your summer skin like nothing else! Unlike traditional washcloths, Fairface Washcloths™ provide a baby-soft, gentle, soothing cleansing experience; free from irritating textures that can cause redness and inflammation to skin that is already dry, red, irritated and prone to sensitivity.

Get your Fairface Washcloths  
Soothing & Cooling Mask Gift Set 
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**Cooling eye mask is a product of April Bath & Shower and retains all rights and responsibilities therof. Manufacturers Caution: this cooling eye mask may not be appropriate for individuals with diabetes, circulatory disease, infections, skin disorders, eye injuries, etc. If in question, you are advised to seek a physician's recommendation before using this product.

1 Sure Way to Beat the Heat this Summer!

ways to stay cool this summer uses for lavender face cloths
Lavender Cold Compress with © Fairface Washcloths
Last year one of our awesome Fairface Washcloths™ customers shared this *cool* summer party idea with us, that we just had to pass along!

She wanted to replicate the experience she had received while visiting a swanky resort spa, by gifting Fairface Washcloths™, soaked in cool, refreshing lavender water, to 120 of her closest friends. Pampering at its finest!

Picture this:
You're feeling the heat on a hot, sweltering,  summer day. Someone hands you an ice-cold, soothing, lavender-soaked washcloth to drape across your forehead or lay against the back of your neck.

As you place the cloth on your face, you are instantly transformed by the cool refreshment it brings, and as the sweet fragrance of lavender fills your senses, you slowly melt back into your chair...

This deliciously cool, relaxing lavender cooling cloth doesn't take much time or effort, but offers an incredible sense of refreshment on a hot day.

Not only is this a high-end way to pamper your guests at a dinner party, or summer gathering, it's also a great way to give YOURSELF some much needed relaxation and instant refreshment any day of the week!

How to make Refreshing Lavender Cooling Cloths:

  • Fill a bowl with ice water and add a few drops of your favorite *lavender oil.
  • Submerge Delicate Fairface Washcloths into the cold lavender water.
  • Once soaked, squeeze them out until most of the moisture is released.
  • Roll each washcloth up into thirds and place them in a freezer safe container.
  • Put the cloth-filled container in the freezer.
  • After the washcloths have cooled for about an hour, they are ready for use. You can keep them in the fridge or freezer, or transfer them to a cooler for easy access.
  • Place the soothing, lavender cloth across your face, forehead, or neck for instant refreshment and relaxation.
*Be advised, some may have a sensitivity to lavender oil. If so, just use plain ice water.

Fairface Washcloths™ are the best choice for sensitive skin with their soothing, gentle, non-irritating, 100% cotton imported flannel. Available in the Original Terrycloth and Flannel option, or the Delicate option with double-sided soothing flannel.

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Best Facial Cloths for Sensitive Skin just got BIGGER!

We are a customer driven business and work hard to create soothing products to help you with your sensitive skin care needs.

We listen to and value all of our customer feedback, and while many of you love our standard 9"x9" washcloths and face cloths, some of you mentioned you prefer a larger cloth. 

So with you in mind, we have expanded our selection to include a LARGER option for those who want more of what Fairface Washcloths™ has to offer!

sensitive skin care facial cloths best for rosacea and sensitive skin large
©FairfaceWashcloths Face and Body Washcloths for Sensitive Skin
Our NEW BIGGER 12"x12" washcloths are currently available through our Etsy shop location only (*coming soon to
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*offer not valid on 9"x9" sizes



Best Face cloths for Sensitive skin: Beauty Editor Pick!

best beauty face cloths and wash cloths for sensitive skin reusable and washable from Fairface Washcloths
Fairface Washcloths Beauty Editor Pick from!
Earlier this year, we were thrilled to have Fairface Washcloths featured as one of the BEST WASHCLOTHS on!

To be listed among other well-known facial cleansing cloths was a very proud moment for us. 

We are grateful to beauty editor, Emily Ferber, for including us and we bow to you in gratitude. And by the way, she's an awesome writer, isn't she? We loved the way she compared our washcloths to rubbing up against a flannel-wearing hunk. Sigh.

We love what we do and feel lucky every day to be able to bring you a soothing face cloth that is gentle and non-irritating to sensitive skin. No more worries about harsh textures. Just smooth softness for sensitive faces.

♥ Made with love and loved by all ♥

*Into The Gloss (ITG) is a beauty website based in NYC boasting interviews with well-known models, make-up artists, & gurus who are in-the-know! They also share beauty and skincare advice, as well as product picks. Contributors to ITG range from NY to Paris to Singapore.

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Beauty is only Skin Deep but Feels Like Everything

Article by Shannon Sorensen
Founder of Fairface Washcloths™ soothing, gentle face cloths for Rosacea and sensitive skin or anyone who loves a plush, soft face cloth!

With the boom of Instagram and thousands of selfies all over the internet, I've been thinking about how immensely image affects how we feel about ourselves.

We hear over and over again that beauty is only skin deep and that it doesn't matter how we look on the outside, but it's what's inside that counts. While I completely agree with this, the reality of millions of selfies all over the internet, shows that our outward appearance plays a huge role not only in how we view ourselves, but how we want other people to see us.

clear skin acne break outs and self esteem outward appearance matters
photo courtesy of Marin
No offense, but I don't think Kardashian selfies are intended for us to see what amazing personalities they have.

How we look, and definitely how our skin looks, has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. I have never forgotten what a cute, 20-something, quirky girl I used to work with many years ago, told me about her struggles with her skin. She shared her very personal troubles with her complexion, and that every night she prayed that God would bless her with clear skin. 

Her skin troubles ruled her world. If she had a "good skin day" she flitted around the office like a social butterfly, but if she was struggling with break-outs, her countenance looked more like gloom-and-doom Eor from Winnie-the-Pooh. I think we've all been there, when it's hard to look someone in the eye, feeling like a giant zit is taking over our face. Been there! Done that!

I've openly shared my struggles with Rosacea as a way to let others know I get it! I get what it feels like to be embarrassed by your complexion. I get what it feels like to miss out on social events because you're afraid your skin might flare. I understand the private agony you go through when you feel like you don't want other people to look at you. I get what it feels like to be the "high maintenance one" while other friends flip their hair up in a pony tail and run out the door make-up free, and you'll meet up with them later. I have felt the disappointment and frustration of not knowing how to "cure" my skin and have felt lost in a sea of skin care products, not knowing which ones would really help.

What I didn't know at the time, was that the struggles with my skin would turn out to be a blessing in disguise. If I hadn't had those personal skin care struggles, it wouldn't have lead me to create the washcloths that literally saved my sensitive skin.

It brings me so much happiness every single time I hear from one of my happy customers about how Fairface Washcloths have helped them. Knowing that these soothing, gentle face cloths have eased other people's skin care struggles means everything to me. It's why I do what I do. ♥

To learn more about or to try Fairface Washcloths, visit us at

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Disclaimer: For any skin care concerns, always seek the advice from a licensed Dermatologist. Any advice or opinions from Fairface Washcloths are strictly personal. Fairface Washcloths are not meant to replace, but to work in-conjunction with proper dermatological recommendations.
All content ©Shannon Sorensen Designs & Fairface Washcloths unless otherwise noted.

Fairface Washcloths for Oprah and Gayle King

oprah and gayle king fairface washcloths, best skincare washcloths
Friend delivers Fairface Washcloths gift sets to Gayle & Oprah
Wanted to share some exciting news!

A friend of mine, who happens to be the niece of the makers of LissetteL Pants (worn and loved by Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, & Kathie Lee Gifford), received a special VIP pass to see Oprah and Gayle King this weekend for their Live Your Best Life - Seattle tour.

I wish I could have been there myself (!) but my kind friend was able to hand-deliver my Fairface Washcloths Gift Sets  to Gayle King, made just for her and Oprah. It makes my heart happy to give a gift of something that is near and dear to me, to two people I admire so much and who have made and continue to make such a positive impact in this world!

softest washcloths for sensitive skin for oprah winfrey and gayle king
And so dear Oprah and Gayle, we thank you for your messages of hope, of encouragement and empowerment, we love you, wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your Fairface Washcloths! xo