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Fairface Washcloths
Fairface Washcloths™ were recently voted as a TOP PICK from beauty editor Emily Ferber at Into The Gloss! Made for sensitive skin, but loved by all, the soothing properties of Fairface Washcloths™ make them a must-have for any skin care routine.

Soothing, skin-calming fabrics offer relief from further irritation and redness that the harsh textures of regular washcloths can cause. Whether you suffer from red, dry, irritated skin, Eczema, Acne, Rosacea, Dermatitis, or other sensitive skin conditions, Fairface Washcloths™ can offer you gentle, soothing relief.

Only the finest and softest 100% cotton face-friendly fabrics are used to create a soothing and gentle wash, & no harsh textures. Fairface Washcloths™ come in convenient packages of 2 and are affordable for any budget. Experience the pleasure of happy skin with Fairface Washcloths™!

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A must have for gentle exfoliation: Fairface Washcloths

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Not only do we love ♥ to receive great feedback from our customers, we also really enjoy getting to know who they are, what their personal skin care story is, and why they love our products. 

Although Fairface™ Washcloths are the best washcloths to use on sensitive skin because of their mild, gentle properties, they are also an essential part of any skin care routine due to the gentle, but necessary, exfoliation that takes place when using a washcloth for facial cleansing. 

Getting rid of dull, dead skin cells on the surface is a key part of maintaining healthy, radiant skin.

Find out why Kim loves her Fairface™ Washcloths and how they have helped her maintain healthy, beautiful skin!>>>  

Skin Care Concerns:

I am a lucky woman, great genes. No skin problems at all, but as I get older and deal with some dryness, I find using a facecloth for exfoliation is a must. 

Why you love Fairface Washcloths:

I love both sides (Original Fairface™ Washcloths), I use the terry side twice and flannel once when I wash both morning and night.

Other Skin Care Products you love:

I am by NO means a hugely "natural" person but I find the best results for healthy skin is less is best. I started using Eve Lom a couple of years ago but found the herbs too irritating. But I loved using oil to cleanse. I have been using Josie Maran Argan Oil Cleansing Oil to cleanse, followed by her regular Argan Oil, then Argan Milk followed by Combat Ready Balm to seal in the moisture.

>>>Do you love our washcloths too?<<< 
Let us know what you love about 
Fairface™ Washcloths so we can 
share your skin care story! xo

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Expert Skincare Tips Revealed

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One of the joys of being in the skincare business, is meeting all of our wonderful customers with interesting lives and personal stories.

Our Fairface Washcloths Customer Spotlight landed this month on an incredible woman named Patti Robinson, who also happens to be a licensed esthetician and sole practitioner and owner of Sapphire Skin Care & Healing in Portland, Oregon.

Not only does she empower tweens, teens and adults by giving them invaluable skincare tools with her skincare classes, she has also generously shared with us, expert skincare tips everyone should know!

Learn a few of the most important things you should know about skin care, in this revealing interview:

Tell us a little bit about yourself, including your educational/work background

skin care tips and help for teens and adults, teaching kids about skincare, how to wash your face
Patti Robinson, Sapphire Skin Care & Healing
I currently live in Portland, OR with my husband and 2 feisty rat terriers.  I’m 55 years old, I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and I grew up in a family of 6 girls (my poor father!) in Virginia.  Compared to my 5 sisters, I undoubtedly had the worst skin of the family.  I have a lovely stepdaughter who is married and lives in Las Vegas.

I graduated from Oregon State University with a BS degree in Dietetics & Institutional Management, but my work career has been in financial services (working for three start-up companies).  Six years ago I started planning for a different future- one that was more meaningful, more fulfilling and less stressful.  I took Reiki classes and got certified, then attended a 9-month evening program at The Euro Institute of Skin Care while working full time, and became a licensed esthetician.  I officially opened the doors of Sapphire Skin Care & Healing in November, 2011.

Today my world revolves around my family, of course, but it also consists of working part-time as a Program Manager for Genesis Financial Solutions; taking clients and teaching at Sapphire; volunteering at a chemotherapy clinic; and teaching Level 1 Reiki to chemotherapy patients and caregivers through the Northwest Reiki Association.

Tell us a little about your business and skin care program

I am the sole practitioner and owner of Sapphire Skin Care & Healing.  I love it because I can provide a private oasis for clients and take the time to learn their skin concerns and educate.  Some of my clients like to come in with a friend or two and create their own spa day with wine and snacks- and I can allow that since I own the place!  I offer facials, LED light, microdermabrasion, peels, brow waxing, and Reiki.  I also love to teach; I teach all levels of Reiki classes and also skin care classes for preteens, teens, and adults.

Sapphire offers a private, high quality skin care experience for each individual.  The name Sapphire was inspired by a book I read about ancient priestesses who held ceremonies to promote womanhood and healing.  In these ceremonies, the priestesses would place six sapphires around the group of women to provide protection.  Cool, huh?!  In my treatment room, if you look closely, you will find 6 small sapphire wands placed strategically as they did long ago.

I retail a few product lines, but mainly Epicuren Discovery.  It is a 30+ year old company out of Laguna Hills, CA that combines natural plant extracts with the latest most effective biochemical ingredients.  They have a personal relationship with each farmer that they source ingredients from, and something like 98% of the plant sources are organic, and many of the products are 100% vegan.  Epicuren is constantly innovating new products and improving existing ones, which I love.  I had used the line myself many years before starting Sapphire, so the decision to carry Epicuren was easy.

Why do you feel it is important to start young when teaching about the importance of skin care?

For a few reasons.  If you learn the basics early, you can establish valuable life-long habits and reap the benefits throughout your entire life.  Not only do these habits promote beautiful skin, but they also protect against cancer and premature aging.  You can also dispel misconceptions about skin care early and prevent any potential related issues.

The biggest advantage of learning the importance of good skin care early, however, is to help manage acne from the very beginning.  Today 80% of preteens, teens, and adults have acne, and acne is showing up at an earlier age because unfortunately puberty starts earlier.  Adding acne to the list of stresses that 9 and 10 year old children already endure can have devastating effects on self-esteem and confidence- at an age where self-esteem and confidence are critical!

What do you think are common misconceptions about skin care? Does it seem to differ between ages?

The most common misconception I come across is thinking that the oil your skin naturally produces (or does not produce) is “bad”, when in fact it is one of nature’s finest gifts.  Similarly, many people think that if they experience any oil on the face during the day, their skin is considered “oily” and needs to be treated aggressively.

I have also spoken to people who say they don’t get facials because they are painful.  Facials do not have to be uncomfortable!  If you’d rather not have extractions or an aggressive enzyme or alpha hydroxy acid peel, let your esthetician know.  My 90-minute facials include lots of massage (infused with Reiki) for relaxation and other benefits. When the body is relaxed it can heal on so many levels.

Lastly, there is the misconception that if your foundation contains sunscreen, that is all the protection you need.  The problem is that we do not normally use enough foundation to provide the amount of sunscreen needed for adequate protection.

There are other misconceptions I could mention, but these are the biggies, and they’ve been held by people of any gender and any age.

What are some of the common problems people face with regard to their skin?

The most common problematic skin conditions I see at Sapphire are acne (at all ages), dehydrated skin, sun damage, and spider veins (textbook term being “telangiectasis”).  I have also seen cases of overexfoliating the skin.

What are a few of the most important things people should know about skin care?

 Other than the misconceptions discussed above, I would say the following:  

  • Don’t underestimate the advantage of a healthy whole foods diet, regular exercise, quality sleep, and drinking lots of water.  And not smoking!  As an example, my skin (and my energy) improved tremendously just by reducing my sugar consumption to one treat a week.
  • I like to recommend the following strategy for adding products to a regime: at age 13 or 14, start using a high-quality exfoliant one to three days a week; at age 20 start using an eye cream and a topical Vitamin C product; and at age 30 start adding products geared towards anti-aging, such as collagen-promoting peptides and antioxidants.  And everyone (all ages) should be using a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 every single day, period.
  • Get a facial every 4-6 weeks if you can afford it.  You can’t help but feel great when your skin looks its best, and the relaxation and time away from your cell phone and “To Do” list is invaluable.

Why did you choose to include Fairface Washcloths in your skin care program?

I have been telling all of my clients and friends about Fairface Washcloths! Your washcloths are so gentle and non-irritating to the skin, but yet they are extremely effective in removing any remaining cleanser or debris from the face that rinsing can leave behind (or regular rough washcloths, for that matter).  I used to have a few stubborn tiny bumps on my temples, and after just a week or so of using my new Fairface Washcloths, the bumps vanished!  And my sensitive skin does not get inflamed after cleansing, as regular washcloths used to do.

Fairface Washcloths are perfect for all of my clients and students, especially those with acne and rosacea. My young clients especially love the fact that they are so soft!

Anything else you'd like to tell us

I had a particularly challenging year in 2014.  I broke my right arm in July, broke my left foot in August, then was diagnosed with breast cancer in October.  Can you believe that?!  But I survived, and I ended up on the other side of it all more strong; more appreciative of things and people; and certainly more understanding and compassionate towards people with cancer, especially breast cancer. It’s a great perspective to have as a healer.

All challenging experiences have a lesson in them, right?  These events have inspired me to do not just mediocre things but AMAZING things with the rest of my life, even if I think I am not capable, haha. Heck, one week after my breast cancer surgery I was in two news broadcasts helping to promote a local hair salon that was giving a complimentary service to breast cancer patients.  Who thought I would ever be on TV?!

Details about your classes and website:

I schedule my skin care classes periodically and include them in my newsletters, but I can also custom schedule a class that is convenient for those interested.  You can contact me via email at or via phone at 503 926-2674 to schedule a class or to be added to my newsletter list.  The classes are about 2 hours long and include a PowerPoint presentation, a small gift and samples, and a chance to practice your new skin care routine with products from my backbar.  Fairface Washcloths will be offered as the free gift for the Teenage and Adult classes.

The current schedule and prices are as follows.  Classes are held at my studio in northwest Portland- Sapphire Skin Care & Healing, 925 NW 19th Avenue, Ste D, 97209.

Parents can attend at no charge.  They are fun, informative, and relaxing!

          Preteen Skin Care:  $30 per student
                   Saturday, September 19th, 2pm – 4pm

          Teenage Skin Care:  $35 per student
                        Sunday, October 4th, 2pm – 4pm

            Adult Skin Care:  $40 per student
                        Sunday, October 25th, 2pm – 4pm

As I build my clientele, I currently take clients at Sapphire late Thursdays, and Friday - Sunday.  My service menu is on my website, along with a link to Sapphire’s Facebook page.  I am also on Yelp.

Patti Robinson
Sapphire Skin Care and Healing
503 926-2674
Look for us on Yelp!

A HUGE thank you to Patti for being so willing to share her invaluable expertise with us! Be sure to check out her website for more information and schedule a visit if you live in the Portland area. We wish her all the best!

If you are a Fairface Washcloths Customer and want to be featured in our next customer spotlight,  Contact us! We would love to get to know you better and share your story!

See what all the fuss is about and TRY FAIRFACE WASHCLOTHS TODAY!

Hello to Healthy Skin / Goodbye to Puffy Eyes! NEW SOOTHING + COOLING Fairface Washcloths SUMMER GIFT SET!

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These luxurious, beaded cooling face masks are a refreshing way to beat the summer heat, soothe tired, puffy eyes and give headaches the boot!

After just 10 minutes in the freezer, or 60 minutes in the refrigerator, they're ready to use; helping to get rid of puffy tired eyes, relieve headaches, cool down or de-stress.

And not to be outdone, our gentle Fairface Washcloth™ will soothe your summer skin like nothing else! Unlike traditional washcloths, Fairface Washcloths™ provide a baby-soft, gentle, soothing cleansing experience; free from irritating textures that can cause redness and inflammation to skin that is already dry, red, irritated and prone to sensitivity.

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1 Sure Way to Beat the Heat this Summer!

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Lavender Cold Compress with © Fairface Washcloths
Last year one of our awesome Fairface Washcloths™ customers shared this *cool* summer party idea with us, that we just had to pass along!

She wanted to replicate the experience she had received while visiting a swanky resort spa, by gifting Fairface Washcloths™, soaked in cool, refreshing lavender water, to 120 of her closest friends. Pampering at its finest!

Picture this:
You're feeling the heat on a hot, sweltering,  summer day. Someone hands you an ice-cold, soothing, lavender-soaked washcloth to drape across your forehead or lay against the back of your neck.

As you place the cloth on your face, you are instantly transformed by the cool refreshment it brings, and as the sweet fragrance of lavender fills your senses, you slowly melt back into your chair...

This deliciously cool, relaxing lavender cooling cloth doesn't take much time or effort, but offers an incredible sense of refreshment on a hot day.

Not only is this a high-end way to pamper your guests at a dinner party, or summer gathering, it's also a great way to give YOURSELF some much needed relaxation and instant refreshment any day of the week!

How to make Refreshing Lavender Cooling Cloths:

  • Fill a bowl with ice water and add a few drops of your favorite *lavender oil.
  • Submerge Delicate Fairface Washcloths into the cold lavender water.
  • Once soaked, squeeze them out until most of the moisture is released.
  • Roll each washcloth up into thirds and place them in a freezer safe container.
  • Put the cloth-filled container in the freezer.
  • After the washcloths have cooled for about an hour, they are ready for use. You can keep them in the fridge or freezer, or transfer them to a cooler for easy access.
  • Place the soothing, lavender cloth across your face, forehead, or neck for instant refreshment and relaxation.
*Be advised, some may have a sensitivity to lavender oil. If so, just use plain ice water.

Fairface Washcloths™ are the best choice for sensitive skin with their soothing, gentle, non-irritating, 100% cotton imported flannel. Available in the Original Terrycloth and Flannel option, or the Delicate option with double-sided soothing flannel.

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Best Facial Cloths for Sensitive Skin just got BIGGER!

We are a customer driven business and work hard to create soothing products to help you with your sensitive skin care needs.

We listen to and value all of our customer feedback, and while many of you love our standard 9"x9" washcloths and face cloths, some of you mentioned you prefer a larger cloth. 

So with you in mind, we have expanded our selection to include a LARGER option for those who want more of what Fairface Washcloths™ has to offer!

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©FairfaceWashcloths Face and Body Washcloths for Sensitive Skin
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